Feb 12, 2008

Been a while so..

It has been a few weeks since I've had any chance to post anything of substance, so hopefully I can muster up something interesting (I'm totally sure I can because I'm long winded). The other part of this was that last week I had gotten sick and was feeling very rundown for several days, I certainly did not feeling like writing at that point.

As I previously posted last week was Dee's birthday and we have a tradition between us of going out to dinner for each others birthday. Usually whomever birthday it is gets to choose where we eat and this year Dee chose the Macaroni Grill. She loves this restaurant because they do something called make your own pasta bowls. You chose your sauce, pasta, vegetables and even meatballs or sausage. In an effort to not only move forward but make her birthday special I wanted it to be the first time Karyn was "fully" out. I figured that this would be a
special way of celebrating.

From the time we walked into the restaurant everything went well for me. Never an odd look, never an off comment and it was exactly what I needed. Dee loved every minute of the fact that this was her night and I had done this. After dinner Jess, Dee and I went over to Marshall's shopping and then home. Things are slowly getting into a groove for me now, I'm feeling more comfortable out in public and beginning to realize all my fears were unfounded.

I'm finally at the point now that I'm slowly purging myself of male jeans and wearing my new jeans most of my off time (Off from work) I'll still need to start finding less expensive jeans for my job so my good ones do not get ruined.

This past week there were a few stories that made news that were worth speaking of here. One story is about an 8 year old in Colorado boy that wants to attend school as a girl. This was being done at the advice of Dr's and her parents. This seems to be coming out more and more now with the onset of Transgender people in the news and 20/20's show on TG children last year. I honestly think it's great that we are getting to a point that kids who are born this way will not have to suffer the way I or some of my peers had.

The sad part of this story is that some people are coming out accusing the parents of child abuse for allowing it. They are saying that this child doesn't have the experience to make up its own mind at such a young age. These things tend to really bring conservatives out as it doesn't fit into the binary box society expects us to be in, therefore it must be B.S

I can assure you that as an adult living this life that I knew somewhere between the ages of 5 to 8 and in some instance I have at least 1 old memory of it at an even younger age. It is not inconceivable that a child of these age understands that there is something that is different
about them. What saddens me is the judgement put upon these parents for doing what the Drs say and making the tough choice for the best of their child. I am of the belief that when it comes to our children, there is no decision that is taken lightly or even easily ..

If you would like to read more the story is here. If you want your eyes opened to how some people think then please read the comments.


Next up is a series being run in my local paper in an effort to educate people about this issue. The current article is actually centered around my therapist and the support group she has. I'm happy to see this getting exposure on a local level, even if some people feel it isn't news worthy. Hopefully someday it wont be but for now it needs to be



The last newsworthy link I'm going to provide is actually one that astonishes me. Several places in the country have added gender identity to the list of protections. What amazes me is that people are jumping on petitions to take away those rights. They don't apparently feel they
should be allowed to discriminate against a class of people and they use the guise that they don't want "men" in the women's restrooms. They are afraid that this will allow sexual predators access to women in this manner

Sorry people, they are already in there and there has never been a listed issue. Chances are at some point in your life, you have washed your hands standing next to one of us. You didn't realize it because other than being born wrong, we are just like you and we blend in. We aren't in there for anything more than the same reason you are and lets face it.. The guys would beat us for being in the men's room. It's tough living with something that you aren't welcome in either place to do your business and yet, that's all it is about.."The right to use a public "restroom".


I guess it takes little steps to climb a hill and we are slowly getting to the point where we have a bit of balance. Hopefully someday none of this will have to be an issue and no one will have to suffer either with this ..or from it ..

Hope you're all cool ..I know I am ..

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