May 23, 2012

Time flies when you having

It's been a long time since I've felt the need to write, I'm not even sure why I feel the need now. Things are going well, I am 1 year 2 months post op now and feel good. I'm finally feeling back to normal physically. I did take a ride back to Montreal in March for a check up. Dr Brassard said everything looked good. The appointment was pretty non eventful except one pretty embarassing moment. It went something like this..

Dr Brassard had me take my bottoms and undies off so he could examine me. As he pulled the stirrups out he looked at me and asked, "you know what to do here?" Without missing a beat I looked at him and said no and wasn't prepared for his answer.

"Well you don't put your elbows in them"

His wit never ceases to amaze me. I climbed up on the exam table and stuck my feet in the stirrups for the first time (at least awake since the last time was during surgery and I was sleeping). As I scooted down he got into postition and looked up at me stating.

"Can I have a look"

I simply couldn't resist so I replied "Sure, it's your work anyway"

Again without missing a beat his charming wit presented "Well while it is my work it does belong to you, although I do have a certain amount of myself invested in it"

I swear I dont know how I didn't pee laughing. OMG, I'm hearing this in such an awkward position. LOL. As he was examining me he was question a spot I had mentioned as being a tad sore so he asked me to point to it. It's kind of awkward trying to point down between your legs like that but I was able to at least give him a general idea. As he examined me he couldn't seem to locate anything out of the orinary. But to be sure he wanted me to be able to see where I was pointing and direct the nurse to get me a hand held mirror. She retrieved the mirror and placed it on my belly. As I grabbed it and put it down between my legs in search of "The spot" something caught my eye. Something that well for lack of a better term left me not only mortified, but knowing I had one hell of a story for my first real vaginal exam.

As I peered into the mirror, stuck to the side of my year old labia was a piece, no ..maybe more like a chunk of stuck dried TOILET PAPER!!!!!

I'm sorry but I've never thought I could be horrified and amused all in one shot. To his credit Dr Brassard never missed a beat, never drew attention to it and never said a word. So there it is, my first real exam and it couldn't just be an exam, it HAD to be memorable ..

We did have a fun trip to Montreal. I got to see some great friends I'd missed, Jungle and Alexis. Got to do some shopping. Got to see the residence again aqnd most of all got quality time with my friends Cyn and Jenn. But somehow given all that I'm still stuck on the memory of my first "exam"