May 6, 2009

Quick update

Been a while since I've had much to say. Every time I think it is time to get back on the horse and start writing I just don't have it in me. That and I never think I have much to share anymore I guess. At any rate I've cut way back on web stuff lately and really only visit facebook to see what my friends are doing. So let's see what I can dig up that is new.

HB 415 The anti discrimination gender identity bill.

The bill made it all the way to the senate and then got dropped in a 24-0 vote. Sadly this was because of the scare tactics of the conservative right painting all us trans people as perverted pedophiles. Scaring women into thinking that all of a sudden their will be men in their bathrooms. I guess ignorance is bliss but I'll state the obvious anyway. Sorry peeps I'm not a dude, never have been, never will be and ya know what else? We are already in the proper bathrooms! We just blend in like we should. We are there to pee, not have sex .. Sheesh!

Sad that a bill meant to prevent people from being discriminated against was dropped over that

Same Sex marriage

This bill passed the house, got a recommendation to be killed in the senate, Got rewritten in the senate, passed and is headed back to the house for a new vote. It is expected to pass today. The only thing up in the air is whether Gov Lynch signs it. He's already said he defines marriage as one-woman, one-man.

As most people know I have stated that I am a registered republican. The only time I've ever voted differently was back in the Clinton years I went with an independent. I tend to be fiscally conservative and liberally social. Given some of the mud slinging and name that the Trans people have been subject too by the Republican Party in NH, I think I'm almost ready to jump ship. We'll see.

Personal notes.

Dee and I learned at Easter that our 2nd grandchild is on the way. We are both extremely excited about this. GG is growing fast and starting to talk. We are both hooked on her deeply and it kills us not to be able to see her more. As of right now it is looking like GC #2 will be born in the same month of my birth, December

I've been busy making new friends lately and I'm finding that good cross-sections of people are very understanding and accepting. I'm slowly getting to the point of feeling that I don't need to share my status with everyone anymore and that I can just live as Karyn. The nicest part is that I've gained some really nice friendships with women and I'm feeling for the first time that I fit in.. Totally awesome.

One of these people is a singer that I'm starting to teach some guitar too. We may also do some writing and performing together in the future. We'll see where it leads but at this point I'm just happy to be playing more again. It will be even nicer to get back onstage.

I've gone a little wild with my hair and added some blond patches. I actually added them a few months ago but they were very subtle. Now they are VERY blond and it is kind of funky looking. I notice a lot more people looking twice at me now.

I FINALLY got off my butt and replaced my Harley Denim riding jacket. I say finally because it was literally one of the last male pieces of clothing I was clinging too. Sorry, I just loved that jacket because it was a 100th anniversary jacket and my bike is a 100th Ann Harley. I will say that I got a cute jacket with a mandarin collar that I love. It has a nice feminine logo on the back of it and is slightly fitted.

Gawd I wish someone had told me how expensive it would be changing these things over.

Now I need to replace my leather and my vest to something more appropriate.

Not much more has changed with me physically. The chest has made it to a 38B size and it may still be filling out. I do know that when I wear a pushup bra I get some decent cleavage, something I'd never expected due to my age. My skin has continued to remain softened and a bit dryer than it used to be. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I don't seem to sweat nearly as much as I used too.

Emotionally I have leveled out a great deal since a few years ago. I don't have the shifts in emotions that I had early on. Now I'm just feeling more calmed and at peace with life which is one of the greatest gifts I've gotten in this.

Overall things are moving forward and I'm awesome. I'm closing in on the 1st anniversary of my name change, which to me is amazing. It's so hard to believe that much time has passed by.



Anonymous said...

I agree that things seem to slow down as we settle into everyday life. I had read of others who have gone through transition and get to that point, and I also am now starting to experience it. It is so wonderful to wake up every morning, get through the day, and go to bed at night without thinking about gender. Just being myself is "normal", as you seem to have done.

Keep enjoying life!

Tiana :)

Samantha said...

You're doing great Karyn, yeah, time sure has flown and chica you have grown. Way more than just in terms of measurements. Based on everything so far, you are almost certain to have a cup of grown post-op if nothing else. No, its not a modern transition myth since it happened to me.

Yeah, there's something so sweet about just living life, not having to deal with the dischord anymore, and I'm glad you are so quickly and comfortably moving into that. Then again, I knew you would from the day I started reading your blog. I remember thinking then that "Wow, she get's it!" and I love being right.

Then again I have this knack for knowing things before I'm supposed to. Like the fact that you were going to be welcoming another grand baby into your lives.

Life is good. And that jacket you love, no reason to have to lose it, you just won't wear it as much, but you won't love it any less.



VĂ©ronique said...

"...really only visit facebook to see what my friends are doing."

So you never do quizzes, eh? :)

Nice to have an update. I'm glad things are going so well for you, and so uneventfully. That's really what we aim for.

I have a dark blue suit jacket that I bought used in San Francisco back in the mid 1980s. It's too big, so I always rolled up the sleeves a bit. I haven't been able to part with it yet. I used to get a lot of compliments when I wore it (with my typical look of the time, T and jeans). I'm thinking maybe I can call it a boyfriend jacket. :)

Cynthia said...

Tiana is 100% correct. Though with all of the political b.s. in NH currently, it doesn't apply to Karyn or I, yet. I'm not religious, but I still pray I never have to hear 'gender' again.

Veronique is correct, Karyn IS addicted to Facebook, whether she admits it or not.

Karyn is correct, she is making new friends that don't care about this supposed "Kevin" that existed. I never met Kevin but I do know Karyn. And that's good enough for me.