Aug 28, 2011

Intial reactions and someone I'd love forget.

This blog may not bode well for squeamish Trans people. It may even anger a few but this is my account of feelings of my time in Montreal.

Driving up to Montreal was a quiet surreal event for me, lets face it my life was about to make a major step in a different direction. Being trans is NOT easy and transition is even harder. It takes a lot of soul searching and strength to get to the point of physically changing your body, but for a true transsexual it is the teeter point of finally feeling normal and at peace.

A lot of things enter your mind on a 5 hour drive to something like this. What am I going to feel like afterwards, will there be a lot of pain, will I be able to function normally. I had all these thoughts but they didn't prepare me for the person I'd soon meet and the emotionally turmoil it would leave me in.

Thankfully if it hadn't been for a handful of people that either escorted me there or were there for their own surgeries, I'd have never gotten through this easily.

My wife Diane, Cynthia, Jennifer, Kay, Jungle, Aubry and Cathy all made my week bearable and fun. Even the people that worked at the residence got involved in the laughs at times. Without these people I may not have completed my journey.


Anonymous said...

What a great testimony to the power of friends. A certain group of people did the same thing for me, and kept me from doing something I would have regretting. Cheers to sisters everywhere!

Cynthia Tork said...

My contribution was solely based upon pure love and a special friendship. To be there to share special time in your life and for Dee, was a gift for me.

You worried me for a few hours, but like the Karyn I know, came through like a true champion