Dec 19, 2008

20/20 tonight

I wanted to take a quick moment and get this quick blog up. I do have other things to talk about but that will be another time.

Tonight on 20/20 will be a story about a serial rapist in Bloomington Ill who when caught turned out to be a police officer. This particular story has some meaning with me because one of the victims is actually a close friend of mine. Kristi became a victim of this scumbag in April of 2003 and earlier this year I posted about the trial and her involvement.

The girls in tonight's segment all went public and came forward unselfishly so they could show other victims that they shouldn't be afraid to do the same. The whole point is to educate the public and in some form help people who may be suffering through the same thing.

Kristi has been a huge source of support and inspiration to me in my own journey, hopefully others will find the same…

Here's a spoiler video for tonight.


20/20 airs tonight at 10pm



Kristi said...

You are too sweet. I so very much appreciate all you have done for me throughout all of this. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the support from my friends and loved ones. There are no words to describe how important your love and friendship have meant during all of this. You have my sincere gratitude. Love and hugs my dear, Kristi

VĂ©ronique said...

Watched the segment. Kristi and the other woman they interviewed were excellent! Scary case too. I love what the other woman said, about how one reason this guy was caught was that he assaulted the wrong women -- strong women who would testify. Cheers for all of them!

I hope Kristi is doing much better now. Thanks for the heads up, Karyn!

Samantha said...

I too watched it, I'm proud of the hard work everyone went through to put this sociopath away for ever. Frankly I think 440 years was more mercy than I'd have given him. Then again I have my own ghosts this stirred up. Because he's law enforcement, it automatically means being stuck in a supermax facility which in ways is even worse than general population. He deserves it.

Kristi, you and the other rock. I have to believe that one day this won't haunt us all the way I know it does. I have to believe for all of you, and for me too.

I too would not have made it without the help and support of family and friends who stood by me then, and now, old and new. Karyn is one amazing human being, and the whole world, not just our lives are better for her being here.

Kristi I'm so sorry you had to be a survivor, but am glad you are.

Merry Christmas,