Dec 13, 2008

ice storm

I'm sitting in a panera on public wifi so this will be short. We had a massive ice storm and have not had power since early yesterday morning. No power=no heat! They are saying that we may not see power restored until next Wed.
We went through the same thing in 1998 albeit not as bad as this one. Todays focus will probably be getting the woodstove up and running and seeing if I can get my old generator working. Last night the temps hit 17 degrees but the house has only dropped from 60 degrees Friday morning to 49 degrees this am. Guess the house is insulated better than I thought! We decided to load up on blankets and stay at the house because we have no where to bring the dogs and we don't feel right about just leaving them there, so we'll bear it with them for now ..
Anyway for now I'm out .. hope everyone else is fairing well ..


Véronique said...

Oh noes, ice storms are the worst. Even a blizzard has redeeming features, but not ice. I hope you and Dee and the dogs can all stay warm until things go back to normal. Warm hugs for all! It's cold here, but nothing like what you're experiencing.

maynardja said...

Update... the dogs are sitting in my kitchen in my nice cozy warm house set at 68 degrees enjoying the heat :) They are still freeked about by all the tile and wont stop wining LOL

Samantha said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the mains being out, I know from how much that sucks. That was one of the reasons I loaded up the back of Earl's SUV with deep cycle marine batteries and a pure sine wave whole house inverter. Turned the SUV into a massive, mobile, emergency power generator. Could (and once did) run the whole three bedroom townhouse off that for several days.

Needless to say my neighbors were very confused. The whole town was out for miles and we had lights and everything. If I'd owned the place, I'd have installed the batteries in the house and covered the roof with solar cells. One day I will have a house of my own with complete off grid capability. Even if it's a large houseboat!

Hope you get power back soon!

There is one small upside of an icestorm. When the sun comes out and all the trees are this giant ice sculptures... Always loved that about New England icestorms.

Samantha said...

Wow, y'all made the news out here. Last night on the local news they were talking about the ice storm and how much of New England won't have power back until Thursday. Suck!

Is the house going to be okay in the meantime? I'm hoping your heat is not electric, because I'd be terrified of the pipes freezing.

So here's hoping that you have oil or gas heat, that you can get going, and keep going without electric. So that the house stays safe and sound, and at least warm enough to not have pipes freeze... The other thing to do worst come to worst is leave all the water on the house running a bit so that the pipes don't freeze. Old trick I learned from living on a farm when I was a kid. You're in my thoughts and prayers...

Véronique said...

Sam -- sadly, all heat runs on electricity, to start things. Can't fire a gas furnace or oil boiler without it. So whenever the power goes out in the winter, everyone is cold. :(