May 8, 2008

Email and me issues

When I started this blog I had every intent of blogging not only the positive but the negative as well. There was to be nothing that I wouldn’t share in relation to my transition good or bad. The idea was to have a journal of my changes and show all aspects of transition to people who might need to see what we go through.

I’ve had a few rough day with yesterday really being the kick in my ass. While I’m not ready to share why it is I will say that it has done some damage to my self-esteem. It has left me 2nd guessing what I’m doing to some degree and while I know I will bounce back from it, it doesn’t make things hurt any less. .So needless to say I’ve been quite down in the dumps for the last 24 hours

Yesterday my wife and a few friends who do know what is going on did their best to bitch slap me and wake me up. I can’t say that it worked but it is nice to have people in my life that care that much about my well being. So even if you feel as though you failed my friends, no I appreciate you no matter what.

Lastly I had some email problems over the last few days. Seems Verizon decided to suspend my account. On Monday I received and email from our new "(Fairpoint bought Verizon here) provider that stated my credit card had been charged its monthly fee. The only thing about that was the charge was double the normal fee!! Monday afternoon I called the Verizon number to find out why assuming that either it was a mistake or fairpoint raised the rates and it was time to cancel.

When I spoke to the girl she explained to me the double charge was because they hadn’t charged me for the previous month. She told me because of the Fairpoint takeover there was some issues with bolling the previous month and that allotted for the double payment. While not happy about it, I owe the money so no big deal, I was assured everything was all set.

Tuesday 1/2 through the day my email went down and I assumed it was a glitch. By Tuesday night when I tried signing onto my email through the wen I started getting a message that my accounts had been disabled, so I immediately called Verizon and was told by tech support that it was a billing issue that only they could take care of. Oh and their closed so you’ll have to call again tomorrow.

When I called back on Wed morning I was told the glitch was that my credit card had expired and needed to be updated. She told me they sent me an email about this last month and when she gave me the email address they used it was an old non-existent address. This contradicts the fact that two days prior they sent me a bill to the proper address. They need to pull their thumbs out of their asses! I was also informed that the information given to me Monday was incorrect and due to this problem!

Ok so let me get this straight. I called you to see what the deal with my bill was, you gave me bad info and then shut my account off for non payment!! What a bunch of dicks!
As of right now my email is back and functional so if you have emailed me and gotten no response or a bounce back I probably did not get your email!


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