May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday/ Long Day

First I want to wish my daughter a happy happy birthday. Hard to believe that 23 years have passed since I became a parent. I remember that morning as though it was today and am thankful for every minute of that part of my life. Had I not become a parent at such a young age I would have not had a reason to continue my life, it was just too painful. At 1:08 am on May 21st 1985 my life took on a new meaning. It is such an amazing thing to remember ...

So Happy Birthday Jess .. I love you with all my heart.

Today was a long day and kind of odd. It is the time of year I make the long drive for work to the east coast trade show. Between driving to meet people and driving back and forth to the show and driving home I spend between 3-4 hours in the car for a few hours of getting up to speed on suppliers and new technologies. Between all the driving and walking around the show it makes for one long day needless to say I got back late and I'm wiped.

Lastly I posted about my HR meeting and I've had a few people email and ask how it went. Well, honestly it didn't ... It got pushed off until Tuesday so now I have more time to think about it ..LOL ..

I'm tired and have a headache so it's an early night!!

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maynardja said...

aww thank you! Love you!!!!