Sep 7, 2010


I got read this past Saturday!

Not by a store clerk or a waiter, not by a passerby at the mall, nothing like that at all.

I got read Saturday, by a 3 year old at the family cookout!!

I generally move through life without issue. If it's brought up it is usually because I've brought it up to someone I trust. Heck I've had people I didn't know hang with us and then find out later that I was trans and they had no clue. Couldn't get it past the 3 year old though!

When I first started I was told by my counselor that generally kids figure it out. Adult just kind of don't pay enough attention. This little girl just walked right up to me with a curious look on her face and with conviction asked "Aren't you a boy?"

I must admit I was pretty surprised and a bit dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say because it was so unexpected! If you ever get honestly, it'll surely be from a 3 year old, and boy it doesn't sting any less from the age of the person.

I got F'in read on Saturday!!


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Veronica said...

while ago, a somewhat marginalized man on the street asked me if I was a guy. I laughed quite comfortably, which surprised me because I was no more prepared for the question than you were, and said no. But I can no longer conceive of being a guy, so maybe that made it easier to handle.

What did you say to the little girl?