Mar 12, 2007

Sound and smells of springtime

The season is slowly changing back from that blah grayish landscape back to the rich colors of spring. It seems to be happening earlier this year but it isn’t surprising given the mild winter we have had. The early change of the clocks has most certainly wiped this old body of mine out.

I hate getting tired because I feel it so much more now with all the changes that are going on to my body and my mind. When I get rundown things affect me to a greater degree and I find I tend to be more emotional, things become tougher to deal with and it has an overall tendency to make my mood a little more blue.

My week this week will be spent getting back to normal from this crazy time change that we abuse ourselves with every year. The weather is supposed to be awesome this week with temperatures getting into the mid 50’s and 60’s by mid week.

The 2 most favorite seasons for me are spring and fall and I’m so excited to see one of those seasons coming in. Spring is that breath of fresh air after being stuck in a closed up house for the last 4-5 months, I simply cannot wait to open the windows and bring the outside in.

I still have not gotten any closure with the gasoline incident but I am hoping to hear from the police today letting me know it is taken care of. Most of all I want an apology from the owner of the station as I feel I deserve for being put through this erroneous accusation. Joking around on Friday night we met friends for a movie and I dubbed myself the "Gasoline Bandit" .. Hey it was good for a few laughs ..

Diane and I had what we consider one of those nice quiet weekends that we savor so much. With the stresses of the previous week I wish I could say I was better company for her but we all have our moments. I’m happy to say my moments are much further apart and less intense than they used to be so it cannot be all bad. I’ll take those moments with ease now.

As I said Friday night we went and saw a movie called Wild Hogs about an older group of guys going on a motorcycle road trip to regain their youth and freedom. While the critics gave it really low ratings, I can honestly say it was an awesome movie. We have not laughed so much at a movie in such a long time so the critics can go blow!!

Friday also brought some sad news as the singer "Brad Delp" from the band Boston was found dead. This was really disturbing because I have been a Boston fan since their first album. Brad was a NH resident and kept fairly busy on the local club circuit when not working with Boston.

Brad you will be missed but not forgotten

Enough for now, I hope your week kicks major ass ..

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