Mar 14, 2007

Whooo warm days!!

Warm winds of spring are blowing in!! Or are they? Today the temperature is supposed to hit close to 70 degrees which is always welcomed after a long winter. The funny part about it is that they are calling for a possible snow storm on Friday into Saturday!!

Only in New England …

Dee’s mom did her annual trek back to England to spend a few weeks with her mom. Her mom has been getting up there in age so she tries to get there as much as possible to get some quality time with her. I always as a young kid imagined leaving New England to be far away from my family and be able to just deal with my inner demons. It never happened because as much as I wanted to be somewhere else the fact was I loved it here. I have to give her a lot of credit for coming to a new country so young and building a life.

Dee’s mom came over in the early 60’s with aspirations of working as a nanny for a few year and then going back to England to live. She once spoke of the day she left her family and her mother crying on the way to the airport. Pauline simply told her she couldn't’t understand why she was crying because she would be back in a year or two… that was over 43 yrs or so ago …
When she came to this country as a 18/19 yr old she had a circle of British girls that she stayed friendly with and remain that way to this day. During a wedding ceremony she got up to with the single women to attempt to catch the bouquet and she was successful but what would happen beyond that is almost out of a story book.

My father in law attending his friends wedding caught the garter and anyone who knows the tradition knows that he places it on the girls leg. Traditionally the girl who catches the flowers is the next to get married… It seems like it was cut from a story book and against odds but that was exactly what happened!!

With Diane’s mom being on holiday it leaves my father in law with about 2-3 weeks of alone time so his children try and keep him busy with dinners and going out etc. Friday we are taking him to a local BBQ joint for ribs which is one of his favorite foods.. These are generally the only times he has alone time with his children.

That’s that for now ..I’ll write more later.


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