Mar 19, 2007

What a weekend ..

Our weekend started off crazy as Friday we had a pretty good snowstorm roll through. We got approximately 14" of snow with ice and rain at the end which left the cover of snow with a glisten on Sunday morning when the sun came through,. It is such a pretty site to see and I feel for people who have never gotten the chance to experience it.

Normally by this time of the year I’ve had enough of the snow and my mind and body long for warmer days and extended sunshine. The area is always filled with beautiful sites and wonderful smells as the death of winter leads to the renewed birth of spring time. The gray look of snow and bare trees becomes replaced with the floral smell of the vegetation and people bustling about enjoying the warmth the day has to offer ..

Generally my 2 favorite times of the year are spring and fall, spring for some of the reasons I just mentioned. Fell precedes summer with a crispness about the air at night with the site and smell of the leaves.. it really is a grand thing to experience at least once in your life.

Sat morning we got up and moved all the snow that had been dumped overnight. I have to admit my body is really starting to show signs of the changes from the hormones. My muscle mass has decreased significantly and I simply don’t have the strength I once did. It can get frustrating for me a times because my memory tells me something significantly different from my muscles. Needless to say I was a bit worn out by the work we had done,

That night we met with friends for a nice dinner at a local steakhouse and let it rip. I’m paying the price today for over indulgence but it isn’t something normally do. We ran the full spectrum from appetizers, salad and dinner to cheesecake for dessert.

Sunday we met Diane’s dad for breakfast and did our usual grocery shopping. That afternoon left us to shopping at the mall as Diane needed new jeans. Lately she has been borrowing a few of my jeans that she seemed to like so we headed off to the gap to find her a similar cut and she found exactly what she wanted. I think she is enjoying having extra options in the house to "borrow" and have some change from time to time.

I’m not sure what happened this am but we ended up sleeping an hour late and getting into work late. It has been a while since I rolled into work for 7am but it left me with one of those rare experiences that we generally take for granted. As I drove into work I decided to take the back roads instead of the highway as I needed gas and the highway is generally overloaded by 7-8 am. For those who aren’t aware one of the main highways in NH is RT93 which is a state highway, but all of 2 lanes. It makes for gridlock as you can imagine.

As I was driving in the sun was cresting over the tree line and was being filtered by a light layer of clouds on the horizon. When it gets filtered in this manner it gives you the ability to see the whole disk as it radiates reds and oranges. It was an awesome site to start the week with……..

Hope your weekend was nice as well ..

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