Aug 17, 2007


When things happen, it is my belief now that they happen for a reason. Whether it is that we are challenged in some way, we need to learn something new or we just simply need to better ourselves. Learning and challenging ourselves is to some degree what life is all about, after all if it wasn’t our grandparents would have such interesting stories.

Every so often in the sea of our static world something dynamic throws a curve ball and shakes things up. Sometimes those shakeups cause us to refocus our resolve and remember what is important to our need to evolve and move forward. Last night something happened out of the blue to me that might just be what I needed given the past weeks I’ve been having.

In a phone conversation with her mother last night I motioned to my wife to say hi to her mom for me. I always make it a point to wave from across the room or whatever so she knows I’m thinking of her. Since I’ve started my transition Dee has gone from calling me by my former name to her mom to simply "Kay" or ~K~.

To this day her mom has NEVER picked up on that, and generally asks "Who?"
Last night was different, a change and it was a positive one that was totally unexpected and just what I really needed. After Diane told her the usual ~K~ says hi her mother responded with Tell "her" I said hello. I was taken back when I heard this and very touched. It’s been tough just to get her to remember or acknowledge ~K~ and in one swoop did she not only do that but referred to me in the proper pronoun …

Oh Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

I had to ask my wife several time if she was totally sure that was what she heard and she continually assured me it was. Another step forward!! I’m so happy that it happened in this manner and now I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it continues to happen. It was most certainly a ray of sunshine in a cloudy week.

On a side note we are spending tonight with our daughter and granddaughter. As I write this I simply cannot wait to see them, I’m bursting with excitement!

Tomorrow we have a cookout for a dear family friend that is home with his family. He moved to Washington 10 or so years ago and we have only seen him once since. Thursday when Jess stopped by to see him and his family Mark made reference to having to go visit his transgender friend. In a shocked manner my daughter replied "Oh, He told you?" His mom was standing behind him shaking her head no trying to tell Jess that he didn’t know yet….

Apparently he has ANOTHER TG friend!! He never caught on and I’m not sure if I’ll let him in as he is only here a short time.

Lastly on Sunday we are going to see the Brad Delp tribute show in Boston where the original members of the band Boston are scheduled to regroup for one song in memory of Brad. There are also supposed to be several other famous bands and performers making appearances as well.

It is gearing up to be a very busy weekend for the ~K~ household …

Hope yours is a good one as well!


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