Sep 12, 2007

tomorrow we are off ...

Laptop….. check
Ipod….. check
Camera…. check

Tonight will be one of those busy nights that you have right before you go out of town. Tomorrow after work we board a plane to see our friends in Chicago. It’ll be nice to get away for a few days but it will be really nice to hang out with our friends

My head has slowly come back to normal over this past week and I’m going back to being more relaxed than I’ve been in a while. Generally when I get my head in a more positive state good things happen, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. If anything life should just be about feeling positive anyway, then everything else is gravy!

Sunday will be my 17th wedding anniversary to Diane. While it is a major milestone to be married that long I am much more proud to have been together for 24 years this year. I love not only the fact that we have been able to endure a lot of highs and lows throughout the years, but we have grown together through those times. There hasn’t been another human being I’d rather have hold my hand on this journey than her.

Yesterday a possible chance to do something for big the Trans community presented itself. I won’t discuss the details of it simply because I don’t believe it will happen but I will say this much. To be able to have gotten to a point that I’d be able to consider doing something like this is a testament to how far I’ve come in my journey. I’d love if it were to pan out because it sends a positive message to society and it helps lock me into the final legs of my transition

One of the biggest concerns I’ve written over time and time again is my appearance. In having to do what I am being considered for this became a huge concern for me yesterday, do I look good enough to do this. Jess told me yesterday that she took the liberty of showing my blog to her friend and hoped I wouldn’t be upset with her for sharing it. Of course I am not, that is what it is here for. It is here to help educate.

Her friend told her after looking at my pictures, that if she passed me in the mall she would never have known. I guess you could say that was the ultimate compliment. So Courtney, in case you do come back and read my blog .. thank you!

For now that’s all I really have to share, tomorrow night we will be enjoying a real Chicago pizza and talking about guitars with our friends. Can’t wait …


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