Sep 16, 2007

Windy places

As I sit in type this I am sitting in a friends flat in the Wrigley section of Chicago, In fact I am so close to Wrigley we can see it from the front of the building. We got here on Thursday evening and are going home tomorrow, hardly enough to get locked into a lot of plans, but enough to enjoy the company of our friends and have some real good laughs.

In running an Internet message board you meet all kinds of people depending on how popular the board is. Sometimes you meet cool people, sometimes you meet jerks and then there are those gems you call friends. I've met a handful through the country that I am lucky enough to have as friends, Todd and Kristi are in that group.

Saturday had the three of us walking downtown Chicago, visiting something my pal Sull calls the bean and having a nice dinner at a place called Hugo's frog bar. It's been a grand time this week and I'm looking forward to the day when Todd and Kristi come to my home and let me show them around.

If anything from this trip is taken beyond the occasional picture or souvenir then I would have to say it would be a deeper level of appreciation for the support of these two dear people. From the time I have gotten off the plane till now they have been using my "proper" name and proper pronouns without hesitation. It is quite warming to have someone care so much such as this and I will really cherish the small moments that I have gotten this weekend.

Anyway I do have a lot more to write on this subject but my shower beckons to start my day .. Be back soon ..


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Catfish said...

whats up K ? forgot you were gonna be in town this weekend. hope your havin' a great time :)

check out Portillos (fast food resturaunt) if ya get a chance, its awesome.