Aug 3, 2008

Big Sister's acceptance

Apparently my sister has decided that I need a new hairstyle. She's very into photography and playing with graphics so she decided to see what I looked like in a new hairstyle. You will all have to let me know what you think

Awesome huh? I never pictured myself as a glittery girl .. I almost pee'd my pants when I saw it and I think I'm still laughing!

My sister had been wonderful to me since she found out. When I first told her she didn't understand it but wanted to be able to and she wanted to show me that no matter what that she still loved me. Shortly after she found out, I received a message from her asking to get to know her new sister. I think when I got that; I almost cried with not only relief, but the fact that she just opened her heart so easily. I'm totally hoping as time evolves that we can share a lot of moments that we have missed out on over the years.

I've added a new link under my blog roll. TransCanada is a blog from a t-sister who like me, remains committed, married and in love with her wife. Veronique is an awesome chick and I hope you'll find her blog interesting.

Tonight Dee and I are supposed to be getting our granddaughter over night. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her. 2 days ago I got a picture by cellphone and she was standing!! It's amazing how big she has gotten and how much in love with her both Dee and I are. It's almost like watching our own daughter grow all over again ...

Yesterday Dee and I went to panera for bagels in the am and then over to our local Harley dealer to look at clothes. I used to have a leather riding vest that I had to give away because I dropped 50 pounds. I've never replaced it because of the impending transition. Yesterday I saw an awesome women's leather vest with Harley Davidson scroll on the back. I cringed when I saw the price! $130! Dee wants me to get it but honestly I have such a hard time spending that kind of money on myself. I think the only time I've ever spent big money easily was way back as a teenager when it didn't matter!

Well enough for now I guess, time to resume my "staycation". Time for a shower, off to the farm for fresh veggies and hopefully get some housework done. We are having salads tonight for dinner so maybe we'll grab some steak tips for them as well. At any rate I hope all of you are having a kick ass Sunday!



Lori said...

Niiiiiice 'do, Karyn ;o) ! Seriously though, it is so wonderful that your sister embraces the true you and is having fun making you over.

Oh, and you should get the vest! GET. THE. VEST. I'm sure that Dee thinks you'll look hawt in you know, you'll be getting it for yourself *and* her...

Hope you have fun with your granddaughter tonight and enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Anonymous said...

I love purple! Seriously, that looks lovely on you. You really have such a beautiful face. I know you don't always believe that, but it's true.

I agree with Lori. If you have the $130, get yourself the vest. I mean, your wife says to get it. Just say yes!

Thanks so much for the link and the kind words! I'm proud to be on your blogroll.

Samantha said...

So, I'd say we have a hat trick (is that the right term? Hockey right, three scores in a row is a hat trick?) for the vest. Get it girl! I mean really, you gonna ride Laconia you want to look good right? Girl's on hogs, I mean come on, that's what I'm talking about. Everyone in Laconia will be watching you go by drolling for one reason or the other. So yeah get the vest, especially if Dee likes it!

The hair is nice, it so totally re-enforces the Lohan look, but with your skin tone, I'd go with a little darker purple. Of course now I'm getting those thoughts again, trying to color my hair a deep purple. So what do you think? GreeneyedGothGirl maybe? :-o)

Enjoy your vacation, and the salad. I'm gonna have to do that tomorrow, grill up some London broil and shave it into my salad. Tonight was teriaki chicken breast in the salad...