Aug 31, 2008

Just stopping by

As I sit here and type this it is 5 minutes to 10pm on Sunday evening. I am totally wiped out as we had a busy family day today. I got to spend some quality time with my granddaughter which is always an awesome thing, I love watching her progression. I continue to be grateful to be here to see and feel everything associated with being a grandparent.

Yesterday I had my 2nd electrolysis appointment. I ended up being 15 minutes late because I thought it was for 10:30 am and it was scheduled for 10:15 am. I guess that's not a bad thing considering just a week ago I told her it was convenient that she was only 5 minutes from my home and I'd have no excuse for being late.

Again not much pain to deal with, I think there were only 2 zaps that I felt but even those were not unbearable at all. Today it feels a bit like a bruise but it isn't so bad. My skin seems to react well to the treatment and you cannot even tell that I've had anything done.

When I first started laser my skin would go through acne breakouts after the treatment. I don't know if it was oils being released to sooth the skin from the trauma or what but it was awful to deal with. So far, within an hour of being finished you couldn't even tell. She hasn't quite cleared all the hair on my frontal chin but she has definitely put a dent in it. Shaving that area this week seems to be easier and that was one of the suckier parts of my face to shave. Hopefully I get a full hour in next Sat and she is able to clear most of the frontal hair.

So far I'm not minding going to these appointments. It's tolerable and she seems to be a very warm interesting girl who can speak about any number of topics. It certainly passes the time. The only thing that sucks is that by the time an hour is up my back is sore from lying on the table.

Yesterday morning Dee and I headed over to Panera for our Sat morning bagels and coffee day. We sat in the window to people watch as usual. At one point a lady came in with a teenage daughter, ordered their breakfast and sat 2 tables behind Dee.

Diane wanted to being bagels home so she got up to throw the trash away and head up to the counter and I noticed the lady intently staring at her as she walked by to the point of turning to watch her as she was past. I had been thinking to myself what the hell is up with this, figuring that something must be up. When she turned to her daughter I was able to catch a hint of the conversation and the lady comment "Now she is a really pretty girl" to her daughter. When Diane came back I told her and she had an awesome smile on her face.

As much as I adore Diane and I have always believed her to be drop dead gorgeous, she has never felt that way about herself. In my opinion Diane is one of those women who can go working on cars with guys to wearing a dress and shine in the process. She has a natural beauty that I am constantly in awe of. Whether she has no makeup or she is completely done up she has never had an issue turning some guys head. I see the same natural beauty in my daughter as well. Thank god for Diane's good genes.

Life has been good this past week and I've been on a nice even keel. I am so happy to finally be able to say that I'm fine, that I'm getting better and that life is good, it's getting better all the time. It might get sickening to hear, but it will never be sickening for me to write.



Amelie said...

I'm so glad you're feeling good lately!

yum, Panera! *mouth waters*

I think Lia is going to have to invest in electrolysis at least for the face. She's using the no!no! thing and it has been working GREAT on her legs and arms and such, but I wonder if the facial hair is just too hardy, ya know?

and, RYC on my blog: yes I totally agree with all of your points!! thanks for sharing all of them *hugs*

Véronique said...

It sounds like electro (thermolysis?) is similar for both of us. Laser too. That bruise sensation is odd, isn't it, but not so bad. And I used to break out after laser as well. This is definitely nicer to my skin, although I'm glad I didn't have only electro. Next appointment tomorrow!

Smiles for Diane. I love her photos too. :)

~K~ said...


I love their whole grain bagels (Panera) they are awesome!

As far as electro goes, if she has dark hair try laser. It will hurt a bit more in the beginning but it yields mush fast results overall. The laser will not help light colored hairs though ..

I will say that it not only goes a long way into passing, it will make her feel a lot better about herself. My facial hair was one of the most depressing things to see in the mirror and feel ..


That bruise sensation is odd because it seems to be very concentrated. It is not at all unbearable though, it is a very mild soreness. I did get 1 pimple from it this time. With the laser I would have dozens at first.

Good luck on your appointment. Are you doing an hour at a time right now?


Véronique said...

My first appointment was an hour, and she used the whole time. Today I'm booked for an hour, but I'm not sure if she'll need all the time. We shall see!