Aug 4, 2008

Bikes,Trucks and Bread

I'd like to thank Lori, Sam, Veronique, Kathy and whomever else took the time to write and comment about the last blog. While I have a hard time believing that I look ok, it is always nice to hear from others that they feel I do. I'm not totally sold on spending the money on the vest yet but I am seriously considering it!! Who knows maybe that will be the next posted picture.

While emailing with my friend Cynthia today I mentioned one of the things that happened over the weekend shortly after we left the Harley Dealer. She has encouraged me to blog it and share it so here we go.

After leaving Harley on Sat, Dee and I wanted to go to get some bread and english muffins at our local outlet. We both hopped on our bikes and started heading out towards the store. At one point we were on a divided highway 3 lanes wide, in the left lane. We needed to take a left onto a through way that goes over the river into our town.

As we pulled up to the light to wait for our turn as I said we were in the left lane and I was on the left of Dee. As we sat at the light a big pickup truck pulled up next to Dee and apparently he was feeling a bit flirtatious as I heard him talk to Dee. "Nice day for a ride, You look mighty fine on those machines" he told Dee. She looked over, smiled and said thank you. She's used to this happening for obvious reasons, cute little blond on a bike.

As I sat at the light listening to this I thought to myself how I'll never get used to guys flirting with my wife, right in front of me. This was never a problem when I was "Visually male" and usually looking like what we refer to as a dirt bag when I'm on my bike. :o)

Then a funny thing happened that tore me from my thought. He chimed up a little louder for me to hear. I was talking about BOTH of you, you BOTH look fine on those machines!!

Well I must have turned the same shade of red that the stop light was because Dee looked at me and just launched herself into a fit of laughter and continued that ALL THE WAY TO THE BREAD STORE!

I guess I don't have to worry about guys flirting with my beautiful Dee as much as worrying about them flirting with me. Truth be told, I had a smile on my face for the rest of the morning!



Anonymous said...

My spouse and I are a bit old to be flirted with (sigh), but we've experienced one part of what you describe. Because we don't look like what people expect a lesbian couple to look like, we tend to get read as women friends. More than once, we've been asked at restaurants or bars if we want separate bills.

You two don't look like what they expect a lesbian couple to look like either, and you're both younger and prettier, so it's not surprising that you both get flirted with. As long as you're both enjoying it, have fun!

Samantha said...

Okay, truth be told, my very first reaction to reading this latest post was the same as Dee's. Sorry, though I will say I'm not laughing at you, just the situation. I've been there too.

Nothing like standing calf deep in the Atlantic having someone young enough to be my son, hit on me at the beach. He was in his twenties, and was stunned when he found out I was his Mom's age. If it makes you feel any better, my sister-in-law was laughing her ass off when it happened to me too. She just looked at me and as she was laughing said MILF.

It's a strange new world we live in, and yeah, we've become objects like our sisters have been dealing with all their lives. So on the one hand congratulations! On the other, turning bright red is a perfectly normal female reaction to this kind of thing.

As to the typical lesbian couple... Is there such a thing? I've known couples of every shape, size, color and so on, so the typical couple, no such thing. No worries there...

Smile on your face, hell yeah! It's nice to be noticed, and receive that kind validation. Just another hot girl on a hog, way to go! New vest, and then Laconia look out!