Aug 18, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Blah

Well I had to start this off somehow so that subject line seemed fitting!! It's Monday and the sun is shining, something it hasn't done much of lately because there has been so much rain.

I'm not sure why but I seem to be a bit tired today. Maybe it's just the Monday morning start to the week hitting me,. None the less I'm in a great mood even nursing a slight headache. Life is good.

As I've stated in the past I did laser hair removal to take care of the dark hair on my face. While it did an awesome job I still have a good amount of gray o my chin and neck area. I've also noticed a few stray dark hairs coming back as well. This past Friday I made an appointment for conventional electrolysis to start clearing the final stages. What's left for the most part is invisible until it's a few days growth so it'll be something that isn't a dire rush to get through.

I am however looking forward to getting away from a razor. I'm an very nervous about how long and how painful this part of it will be. So my appointment will be this coming Sat which means I need to allow 2 days growth (yuck) so she can work on it.

The end of last week the front brakes went on Dee's car which kind of sucks. I've decided I'll just order the parts and do it myself as it is quite a bit cheaper and relatively easy to do. I did however tell her this will be a "we" project. I'm kind of feeling like it is time that we are on even ground with the male based stuff that needs to be done. She smiled and said no problem, I think that was one of the things I loved about her, she's always willing to do unconventional things.

Yesterday we went over to the mall to Sephora and I bought a new eye kit by bare esscentuals. Call "Rocker eye tutorial" It's basically a kit with a gray glimmer shadow and darker blackish glitter shadow a liner caller "black leather (ooh la la) and it comes with a nice brush to create the effect. The effect is designed to be a smoky eye rock and roll type look.. Both Dee and I figure it kind of goes with my rocker mentality that I've lived all these years. LOL

Last night while Dee took the dogs for a walk I got into the kit and tried it out. I wasn't happy with the results but I'm never happy when it comes to stuff. I'm never happy because I tend to always feel like I can do better. I guess sometimes a good quality and sometime nothing but a pain in the ass. When she got home and saw it she seemed to like it and felt that it fit my personality well so we'll see if I can refine it more. I'm not used to applying dark colors to my eye and funny enough I always feel like I put too much on even when I'm assured that I don't.

Both Dee and I have taken to the Bare Esscentuals "Bare Minerals" makeup. It's slightly expensive but it covers well, doesn't feel caked on and it doesn't irritate the skin so it seems to be worth it so far. I never thought that a few short years ago that I'd be buying myself expensive makeup, funny how times change.

This weekend I finally reserved to change the last of my online personas over to Karyn so My MySpace page is officially Karyn now and not ~K~ anymore. I also added the picture I use here as my profile picture. Yesterday I shot my friend Annah a note teasing her asking what it took a girl to get her name in Annah's top 10. She gave me the top spot!! WOOT! She has been such a dear friend and a sweetheart and me for the last few years, I wish there were a lot more people like her. Being Trans has been so much easier with her encouragement and support.

Well I guess that's it for now nothing more to see here, move on, move on!!

Hope all ya'll have a great week … LOL

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