Sep 3, 2008

20 questions with Dee

The one thing that drives me crazy about my wife is that she doesn't take the time to write and share her side of things. I had hoped that her experiences in this would be something that could help other spouses understand and deal with things. Diane's issue is that she doesn't feel as though she is a good enough writer to carry her blog.

Last night while I was showering and thinking about her lack of updates I had a cute idea. Without telling her anything I decided to email her 20 quick questions and figured I'd share the answers. I didn't tell her in advanced because I wanted the answers to be sincere and not skewed by thoughts that other people would be seeing them. So here they are

1) What was it that attracted you to Kevin? -

His eyes

2) How did it feel when you found out about Kevin’s feminine side? -

I thought it was kewl, our little secret. Now I think its awesome that others know.

3) What makes you so attracted to Karyn? -

she's goofy, extremely sexy eyes, she's smart, the way she looks at life now, the way she looks at me, she smells awesome as well. Its tough to say cause there are a ton of things that attract me to Karyn.

4) Why did you decide to be so supportive of Karyn’s transition? -

It was unconditional love

5) What were your favorite qualities in Kevin? -

That's a tough one.....well there was one, he wouldn't say no to the things that I liked or liked to do. I'm sure that there are others, but right now I can't think of them.

6) What are your favorite qualities in Karyn? -

The way she looks at things, the fact that she took over the cooking :o) , the fact that she doesn't say no to the things that I like or like to do.

7) Did you ever consider leaving when you found out? -

Not one second because I love her very much. She is my soul mate!

8) Which persona is more fun to be around? Kevin/Karyn -

Karyn most definitely,

9) Do you ever miss Kevin? -


10) What did you dislike most about Kevin -

The temper.

11) What do you wish you could change about Karyn? -

That she could get that confidence and just be herself 100% of the time.

12) Who is more girlish, you or Karyn? -

Karyn most definitely.

13) Who is more romantic? -

Karyn most definitely.

14) If you could learn any 1 thing from Karyn what would it be? -

Tough to say because because I'm pretty open about a lot of things. What I wish other's would learn from Karyn is that life is too short, so you have to live for yourself.

15) Do you view Karyn’s transition as a necessary issue? -

Yes because if she stayed the other way, I believe that in a few short years that I wouldn't have her.

16) What would you say are your favorite changes? -

The fact that she now takes care of herself and the way her skin feels and how nice she always smells.

17) Do you ever worry that Karyn will suddenly decide she likes men? -

No because I feel the commitment and the love that Karyn has to offer me.

18) Do you ever miss having a typical male/female relationship? -

No because I believe that Karyn has always been around but has just been hidden.

19) Do you feel you are more bonded to Karyn now? -

Yes most definitely!

20) If you could have Kevin back would you want him? -

No because Karyn is a much better person to be around and fun as well.

Hope you find this as interesting as I have...



Amelie said...

I get Diane and Lori confused... are they the same person?

But yes, that is interesting, and I'm sure she writes much better than she thinks. Besides, she's not writing a professional-type blog. It's her own experience, right? Doesn't have to be perfect! =)

~K~ said...

Hey Amelie,

Nope Diane and Lori are not the same person. Diane is my lovely wife and Lori is Sara's awesome wife.

I'm with you because she writes to me everyday and she writes fine. I believe as long as we write from the heart that it tells the story perfectly and that is something that she does, she always speaks from the heart...

Maybe someday we'll get her to break down and just do it..

SamanthaQ said...

Certainly wouldn't mind hearing more from Dee, and I think her answers to the questions were awesome! One need not be a professional writer to blog, I mean look at me, I'm up there writing now and again too. Can't say I'm a "professional" writer, unless of course you count all the tech stuff... I know I don't!

Yes, yes, writing from the heart is a wonderful way to go!