Sep 16, 2008

Nice weekend

We had a decent weekend this weekend and I'm a bit worn out today. As previously posted it was our anniversary yesterday so we made it a 3 day weekend but decided not to go away this year.

Friday I got out of work a tad early as I had another electrolysis appointment. This one was relatively uneventful with the exception of 1 hair in the middle of my chin. It felt like it was attached right to the nerve when she hit it. I sweat I could feel that one spot the next morning!

Saturday morning was to be a busy day as we had several things we wanted to do and some plans on the side as well. We got up early and went for our usual Sat morning bagels and coffee at the Manchester Panera. From there we went over to Manchester Harley Davidson for their annual open house.

Manchester open house generally consists of free food, outside vendors, nice bikes, bike demos and some really good discounts on merchandise and clothing. So Dee and I both decided for our Anniversary this year that we would just get some really nice hoodies as we both wear them a lot at this time of the year.

Dee got a nice yellow one with the Harley Davidson embroidered in emerald green on the front and on the lower back portion of the hoodie. I got a nice gray one with an Ace in blue and some little crystals to make it stand out.

From there we headed down to Dee's mom's to picker her and her friend up and take them to the IKEA store down in Stoughton Ma. The IKEA store is so big it takes a while to see everything and look for stuff you may want. After IKEA the four of us hit the Olive Garden for dinner and then back to drop them off.

We had a really nice time with them and while they are trying they still have their slips so I tend to get self-conscious when I am out. It's kind of hard to be just doing my thing and have someone blurt out "Kevin" or "He" in a crowd. Still at least they are trying and accepting so I'm happy.

On the way back my mother in law mentioned a neat bit of info to me. She had told me that she let Diane's Aunt know what was going on and that things were fine with her, her only concern was for Diane and if she was doing ok with things. She did mention that after my father in laws birthday party on of her sons asked if I had been sick or something because my face looked so different to him. He mentioned that he thought my face looked more feminine and softer. This was a piece of information I was glad to have my mother in law hear because now she knows other people actually see it.

Saturday evening Dee and I were bored and at about 9 pm at night we just felt like doing something. We had been tossing around the idea of going out for a few drinks when the sudden urge hit to go to a local diner, be bad and get french fries and shakes. Sometimes it's just so good just to be bad.

Sunday was pretty uneventful just getting our usual weekly stuff done

Monday we decided that for our anniversary and because it was so nice that we would take our bikes and head out to the coast. As we got out by the route that goes up to the coast a young guy in his 20's was walking up to cross the street. The law dictates you have to stop so Dee and I did just that the guy said thank you and started to walk across. As he crossed in front of both motorcycles he suddenly turned towards us, threw up the horns sign and yelled "Chicks on bikes rock!!" I have to admit that I almost pee'd myself laughing so hard.

It was such an unexpected event that it was pretty cool and it made my day at the same time. We drove up the coast, enjoyed the sun, stopped along the way and headed home. I ended up with a sunburn on my arms, guess I didn't realize the sun was so strong yesterday. I did get to break in my new hoodie on the way back as well … all in all a nice day. If I get chance maybe I'll toss up a picture of the area and no, I have none of me!

Hope you're well .

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Tiana said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I know the feeling of getting those compliments - it can really make your day. Nice to hear of positive feedback from Dee's side of the family. My time is coming soon for coming out process, so I can only hope I get some of that positive feedback as well.

Take care. Oh yeah, "chicks on bikes rule!" :)

Tiana :)