Sep 23, 2008

Kind of cute

My daughter and granddaughter came by to have dinner with us and spend some time. We had a really enjoyable evening going to the path for another 4 mile walk tonight. I'm trying to enjoy what is left of the season before the cold and snow tightens its New England grip on us. I am finding now as I'm getting older I enjoy the snow or the idea of snow less and less.
Tonight in conversation Jess started to say something but put the breaks on and said she didn't want to say something that could be construed as offensive. I reassured her that it would be fine, I rarely get easily offended. She laughed and told me the Dee is more of a tom boy and I am more of the girl in the relationship, I just had to laugh. To some degree it is true and it's kind of nice having someone point it out because it becomes more cemented in reality. It's so funny to me that something so minute as that can mean so much at the same time.


VĂ©ronique said...

That's funny. :) In our relationship, my spouse is somewhat girly, and I am more girly. I really was never very good at that guy stuff.

Lori D said...

Yeah, that's rather cute. I'm the same way. My wife wears the jeans around the house, you know...does the plumbing, does minor electrical work, etc. Me? I the computer ;)