Sep 28, 2008

Life rolls on

This past Wed was my every 4 week counseling session and I have to say it is too the point than it is more like sitting and talking with an old friend than it is an actually counseling session. When I mentioned this to Anne she said for the most part that she felt I was adjusting to this whole process well. Have no deep emotional issues getting in the way and overall I'm so much happier than I'd been a few years ago. This particular affirmation was not only nice to hear, it was something I really needed to hear. It really shows how far I've come emotionally.

Weather wise it's been a crappy weekend but that didn't stop us from having an enjoyable weekend. Saturday morning was a bit busy as I had another electrolysis appointment. It is slow going but I am starting to see some results from it. As long as I can slowly see those results I don't get down about having to go. So far it still hasn't been very painful for me.

Last night we had plans to meet our friend Cynthia for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We had decided to get there early so we all settled on 4 pm. On the way to dinner one of those tiny little smart4two cars passed us. It seems like they are getting incredibly popular up here. Funny enough the license plate caught my eye and I just HAD to get a picture of it!

I absolutely died laughing when I saw this. Looking at the size of the car it certainly is a fitting plate.

When we arrived at Margaritas, Cynthia was waiting outside for us and I felt so bad that she was standing outside in the rain. We went in sat down and boy time flew! In fact the time went so quickly between drinks talking dinner and just having fun that we didn't walk out until 9:30 pm. Apparently I have a new nickname. I believe Cynthia dubbed me "Literal Karyn" albeit I have no idea why! LOL All in all it was a nice evening with great company. This is a friendship that I can see blossoming as she has such an awesome sense of humor and she is just fun to be around.

Today was a pretty quiet day and I guess it was nice to just be lazy we had plans to get some things done but honestly it was nice to just hang. We did our weekly Sunday grocery shopping, went to the farm and brought home stuff to make salads tonight. After dinner I was a bit bored so I decided to play with some makeup and take a few pics. So ..Here's the latest pictures. Hope you like.

I guess that's about it for now, hope you all are doing well and are happy…



Véronique said...

I had to squint to see what that licence plate said, but I managed it. Funny! Well, scary funny.

More beautiful pictures! Really, you give me something to hope for with enough time on hormone therapy. And hair length to hope for, just with enough time. The top picture is hot! I bet Dee thinks so too.

Samantha said...

Well, the car, yeah, I so get the plate, it's exactly what I think of every time I see one of those...

Speaking of the same thought, you know what I though of when I saw your new pictures? "Wow, she looks like Lindsay Lohan.."

Someone give me a shove, I think my brain is stuck!

You look great! As to the new nick, well let's just say there's a reason I picked Samantha more than because I thought it a beautiful name. People have been saying I'm literal for years... Thursday night my brother looked at one of his neighbors and said "Just don't ask her anything that starts with HOW unless you really want to know the answer. Like if you asked her why the sky was blue she'd tell you how many parts per million of whatever was in the air, and so forth..."

Like an idiot I said "Ozone, and I don't know how many parts per million it is, but it's getting less and less by the day, global warming and all that. But ozone keeps weaker, longer wavelengths of light from getting through, leaving only stuff 475 nanometers and shorter to make it. Which is of course why the sky is blue, being that it's 475nm. It's also why UV is so dangerous, it comes through unbuffered by atmo and will cook you faster than and infared oven would. Then again, it's up in the 750nm range and above."

He just started laughing and said, SEE?!?! Told you!

I said "What? I didn't talk about parts per million cause I didn't know. Would you prefer I made something up?"

He said no, that wasn't what what he meant, but that there WOULD BE numbers involved, and that I tend to take things somewhat literally... So I know what she means. My neighbor looked at him and said "You know, that's exactly what happens when you ask Sam Carter HOW on Stargate."

Little does she know, but that's part of WHY my name is Sam.

Anyway, Cynthia probably was referring to you taking things too literally is all. Which you'll be pleased to know has nothing to do with Gender. My sister Sarah (who has everyone call her by her last name because she doesn't like her first name) is so literal she makes me look absolutely blond and ditzy. She's like a walking Oxford English Dictionary, which is supposed is why HER nickname is O'ED. Glad you made a new friend! Awesome! Friends totally rock no?

Suvi-Tuuli Mäki-Asiala said...

LOL Nice license plate. :P

Looking good, beautiful. :)

~K~ said...

Veronique~ Sorry about the picture size hon, you are supposed to be able to click on it and get the full sized version but for some reason it isn't working. "Dethtrap" that car is, it is soooo tiny!


I swear girl you have a Lindsay Lohan fetish :oP but I still love ya. Having great friends is awesome as you say. I met Cynthia because of a local news article on the trans community that she was in and emailed her to give her props. Our friendship seems to have bloomed from there. She's such a nice girl and she has so much confidence it is an inspiration.

Suvi-Tuuli Mäki-Asiala~

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I backtracked to your blog and I have to tell you that you are a very pretty girl. I'll be stopping by to read more in the near future.

As for the comments about the pictures I have to thank you. We all see something different in ourselves than what the world views and we are always more critical of what we look like than what other people see. It really does help to get that feedback as it allows me to breathe a sigh of relief ..

You are all awesome women

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha! those little cars are super funny. :o)
it looks like a little shoe skate.

Karyn, you are a gorgeous woman!
i love both pictures of you, but especially the smiley second one. :o)

Anonymous said...

oh and one more... loooove the big gypsy hoop earrings!!!!

seriously, you are a gorgeous lady!
i'm not just saying that either. you have bloomed just like a flower, cheesy to say so, but it's true.

Samantha said...

No, not so much a fetish, just... Oh I don't know... Hey, I've got it, Lindsay Lohan looks like you! How about that? {wicked evil grin}

Regardless of who you might resemble, you look great Karyn and that's what's most important. You look happy too, which is really gratifying to see. You deserve it!