Jan 17, 2007

As Em puts it horror scopes

I never put much stock in horoscopes or things beyond my power. I believed more in chance than in destiny. One say not long ago my darling Dee sent me my horoscope for the day and while I'd always believed they were very generic it just seemed fitting. I'd have to say more so than not they are fitting so I want to share today's ..

Teaching an old dog new tricks isn't hard when the dog wants to improve itself! You can sense something new starting in your life, so why not go with this feeling and make some personal changes? In order to take advantage of an upcoming transition, you'll have to let go of a few old habits. But one glimpse at your possible future will show you that all the effort will be worthwhile. Today you will be handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter.

While I believed that we didn't control our futures I also believed that nothing else did either, things just happened. After walking down the road this past year I have come to realize that over my life a lot of things just seemed to fall into place in a manner that keeps me wondering if it was simply just chance cause ....

I guess I'll never know that for sure but what I can say is I'm more of an optimistic person now which is uncharted territory for me .. I'm used to being the negative one all the time ....


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