Jan 27, 2007

Who the F am I???

Last night after my workday was done I got home and settled in for our nice night or hibernation due to the cold. As I was waiting to make pizza I happened to be flipping channels and came across a story of a young man on Oprah.

The manner this young man viewed life was nothing short of astounding. He was born without eyes and arms that were fused to the point that he could not bend them. They were a bit shorter than average arms and when I saw what this young man was capable of doing I could not help but feel like my gender problems seemed very small in comparison to his disabilities.

At the age of two he learned how to play melodies on the piano. He has taught himself how to play various instruments and do whatever he wanted. He had a very supportive father who goes out of his way to allow his son to do whatever he needs or wants and supports it all.

After seeing this person it made me take stock of how minor my own issues really are. Sometimes it takes someone amazing to make us thankful for who we are or maybe sets the bar for who we should be ..

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