Feb 8, 2007

Some Days~

Blogs are a funny thing because some days you feel you want to share your life with the world and some you just feel like eh what the fuck is the point. While I had in mind that once I started working on myself that I would just fade into the woodwork that apparently hasn't happened.. maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment!

The fact is that I realized I could help make a difference and maybe show someone else they aren't alone. Or educate people to understand that we are all different and as a race that in itself give us richness, it keeps life interesting. The bottom line for me is that a certain amount of it is self serving. That is to say I do it for selfish reasons

It is kind of hard to think that you can be selfish in sharing yourself with the world in such an open manner but there is so much that I have gotten in return from it that I feel I get back more than I give sometimes.

I recently read a blog from a good friend of mine regarding the sharing of art and the fact the people are willing to enjoy it without being willing to give back. I can fully understand as a musician where she was coming from and I agree with her 100%. I guess in some crazy way this is why I've been able to get back from my blog, simply from the friendship and support I've received... I only wish all aspects of sharing could be that full.

Recently I received a really cool email from Catfish who I actually met through Sully. We haven't had the chance to talk much directly but from everything I've heard about him and read within his own blog he comes across as a really cool guy.

When I got the email from him I was surprised because it was done as a nice gesture out of the blue. While Dan never really knew me personally he certainly went out of his way to pat me on the back and express that he thought it was great I was working to find myself ... that's all I can ever ask for in life. Dan is certainly the type of person that I would normally associate with simply because he cares... So Dan if you see this blog ..this is a heartfelt thank you ...


On a side note I always get deep into what's going on emotionally or something in left field so today is a bit of an add on. The weather has become typical New England as it has gotten really cold. As I sit here an write this the current temperature is only 11 degrees. The crazy thing is that we still have only gotten a total of 2" of snow this season while upstate New York at last count was well on their way to 100" of snow within 1 weeks time. Now that is crazy stuff!! I can't remember the last time we had a huge snowstorm other than the famous blizzard of 78 when I was a kid.

I got a new guitar in the stable 2 days ago and I must say she kicks major ass. It is a Charvel Mahogany Strat with a maple board and without being plug in the thing resonates so well it is loud. I've never owned a guitar that had that kind of depth naturally without a ton of distortion behind it. As I was on the phone with Sully I hit a note and the guitar just sustains for days ...and BTW Sull there was no compression added to get that it was just the guitar ....

Maybe I'll get off my duff and post pictures of it soon .....

Anyway enough for now, onward and upward ...~K~

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