Feb 1, 2007

step by step

Well every step on the journey is one that frees me from chains that were once tightly wound around my existence. One more link gets loosened this Sat when I meet with my mother in law and I finally tell her what is going on.

While my existence doesn't hang in the balance by her feelings I obviously hope she is accepting and supportive. At a minimum I just hope that she supports my wife and shows her that no matter what she is her family ... that's the least I can hope for..

If she doesn't accept things then I won't allow it to derail the path I am on it isn't worth being miserable for someone Else's beliefs any longer. Last night as we talked we compared the me of 2005 to the me of today and it is obvious that I am in a much better place emotionally. I am happier than I've ever had the chance to be and I'm able to get out of bed for "me" now.... My path is an obvious one ..

When I started this painting of my life the colors I chose for my palette were very dark grays and black. It is nice to be able to finally add the most vivid of colors to the rainbow that has become my life. I see those colors and they are brighter and more beautiful than they have ever been ....

who knew ...

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