Jun 24, 2008

Movin along

Hello, is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?

Yeah, yeah, I’m in a good mood but most days are like that for me now. Years ago those days would be far and few between and even at that it would never be consistent. We had a pretty decent weekend this weekend. We had originally planned to take the Harley down to the coast for the sandcastle sculpture contest but the weather didn’t feel like co-operating. Basically we had a quiet night at home.

Sat morning Dee had to work and then after she got home we decided to get some long needed yard work done. I decided I needed to get my lawn mowed and some things cleaned up. As I was mowing the lawn I turned onto my street and headed for my driveway for another pass. As I turned in I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see the mail truck following me. I nearly jumped off the tractor because she startled me.

As she passed on her way back to deliver my mail she stopped and yelled to me out the window. "You’re a mad woman on that thing!!" She waved, put the mail on the box and off she drove. I sat there a bit perplexed for a moment. She’s been our mail carrier for years, seen me all through my unshaven days and yet she used the proper wording. It definitely left a smile on my face and I happily finished my work.

Sat night we had plans to take the motorcycle with Dee’s parents and head up to the Anheiser Busch factory for what is dubbed "Ribfest". Basically Ribfest is a big BBQ competition and a festival all combined. As we walked in the gate we were told if we intended to buy beer we had to get pre-checked and get wristbands to show we were ID’d This would be the first time I’ve used the ID as Karyn so I was incredibly nervous. NH hasn’t caught up to other state yet so even though it says "Karyn A" is also has a little "M" down on the bottom. But honestly, it went off without a hitch.

My new paperwork and cards are slowly tricking in, I’ve already gotten my new Social Security card and yesterday I got my first of 2 debit cards in my new name. I think it is starting to become less surreal now and reality is slowly settling in. I told Diane when my other debit card comes in that I’m taking her to dinner because I haven’t signed a dinner check in 2 years LOL! It was nerve wracking having a waitress refer to me as "She" and then having to hand them a card with the name Kevin on it. Not long ago my coworker and I went to lunch at a local bar and when the check come I paid using my card. The girl ran it and when she returned she pushed it towards him. She was quite perplexed when I was the one who grabbed it and signed it. :o)
Sunday Dee and I headed out to our local farm to gets some fresh fruits and veggies. We got stuff as usual to do our fresh salads but while we were there the strawberries looked so tempting so we got a quart. When we got home we chopped them up and I put a little sugar over them to get the juices to make is nice syrup. Then we realized we forgot vanilla ice cream so out we went to the store.

On the way home we noticed a rainbow in the distance and marveled at its beauty. It was the first of the season for us that we noticed. As we were turning onto the last main road I noticed that I could see the WHOLE rainbow end to end. It was the first time in my life I’d ever been able to see the whole thing. Being in the area that we are it tends to be rather hilly so all we ever see is ½ of a rainbow beaming out of the clouds. I so wish I had my camera for this one …. It was so awesome to see …

Oh yeah the Strawberry sundaes were awesome too!

Anyway I guess that’s where life is for now … not too bad eh?



Sara said...

Karyn, that was so beautiful; you, your life, the description of it all. You seem so at peace, so happy. So much a part of life.

Not only have you seen the whole rainbow, you've found the pot of gold and it's real. Thanks for showing me where to look.


Samantha said...

Totally awesome post! I recently saw a complete end to end rainbow too and totally loved it!

As to missing the Sandcastle exhibit, I'll help you make up for it. Last time I was there I took my big camera and had a ball. I'll stick those pictures back on line and send you the link shortly. Such and awesome thing Hampton beach does every year!

I also remember the utter joy that touched my heart when I too some friends out and paid with my new card, I still have that first time receipt in my diary! Way, way cool!

Samantha said...

Well, as promised, I have placed the 2002 Hampton Beach Sand Castle pictures back on the web:


If that link doesn't work, let me know and I'll fix it or move it to another URL. If you want larger pictures, just say the word. I kept these smallish because I wasn't sure what kind of connection you have.

Hope this finds you all well!


Veronique said...

I saw the Hampton Beach sand castle thing this summer, when I was visiting family. I was way more impressed than I thought I would be. Some beautiful work there! And so ephemeral.