Jun 30, 2008

busy weekend

Well we had a busy but dull weekend. Friday night we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant in town. Dee has NEVER tried a scorpion bowl before so she was dying to try one. I have to admit the food there was pretty damn good, seems like we have a new Chinese restaurant as a favorite now. This was the first time I've had that type of food where something wasn't incredibly greasy. Usually I shy away from that stuff but this food was really light ..it was awesome!

Friday before dinner I had a follow up appointment with my Dr. This was the first one where my name is legally changed so I had more paperwork to fill out. She said that my blood tests looked really good. My hormone levels and liver function were excellent. My blood pressure was perfect as well. The only weird thing and it was really funny this came up because Annah and I had been discussing this recently. I lost 1" of height! I'm down to 5' 8" now.

So if any of you girls have experience with that let me know..

The last part of the appointment the Dr turned to me and asked "You're over 40 right?" well yeah ..unfortunately I am. Well I think the next words almost knocked me off the table and in fact Dee probably had a good laugh at the look on my face. She said .. "You need to get a mammogram" ..

Now, I totally understand the importance of having one done and I'm not knocking the reasoning but this took me by surprise. I never thought I'd be having one so soon … Damn

The rest of the weekend was spent running around and getting Dee's Harley back on track. So as of yesterday it is repaired!! I swear I could do that job in my sleep now. As we were working on her bike I told Diane I hated doing stuff like this, it makes me feel crappy and reminds me of being male ..go figure ..

Wed os group and I haven't gone in a while. Anne and and another girl are prodding me to go. I guess they feel because of the name change it is a big deal. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, I so hate paying to go to group and listening to problems because it leaves me feeling down.

Anyway, life is good and I'm happy. I now have my motorcycle back to myself …. YAY!!



Sara said...

Karyn, I love reading about your life now!

Nothing like finding a new favorite restaurant, eh? When we lived in SF I learned that, just like Southern fried chicken, perfectly cooked Chinese is never greasy...and now we live an hour and a half away. With kids. Sigh. Thai is even harder to find up here.

About the height loss...an inch, really? Ah, there's hope for my 6' frame, thank you! I doubt it's calcium loss, your bones would have to be mighty brittle for your spine to compress an inch, more likely muscle mass loss so you hold yourself a little different?

I used to know a woman that worked on her Indian every weekend. Everyone figured she was a dyke from her mannerisms and hobbies (wrong). No one thought her any less of a woman, though one guy felt a little threatened. He was her manager and could not change a flat tire...still, if you no longer get enjoyment from it...?

take care,

~K~ said...

Thanks Sara,

Things are definitely getting better with time. I'm so much happier than the old me was that it is night and day.

As far as working on the Harley. I never really enjoyed working on it. I work on it because I can not because I want too. I'd rather save the $200/$300 it would have cost me instead of the $30 that it did ...

Certain things get to me because they are traditional male things and as much as I hate to do some, I hate to spend the money .. LOL

Samantha said...

Height loss on HRT is not at all uncommon, in fact it's the rule more than the exception. Has to do with a number of things, including changes to calcium and B vitamin levels as well as age. Near as I've been able to figure, or have heard from anyone it's a result of "microfractures" of the vertabra and compression of the discs.

The good news is it won't kill you, but it does mean you're really an official member of the club. Sara is also correct, some of it has to do with things like posture, center of gravity, the body re-allocating resources because of the new (and improved) biochemistry. Me, I've lost almost two full inches in the four years I've been on HRT. Doesn't bother me one bit, in fact I was really hoping I'd be perfectly normal in that regard.

Now for the bad news. You need to seriously look at making sure you get enough calcium, B and D vitamins at the least. Why? Because if you don't, you'll start having a serious fall off (food alone doesn't provide enough) and wind up in Osteopenia country fast. That's the precursor to Osterporosis, and is very real in a woman's life. At the very least you should add 1g of Calcium and a gram of D to the pills you take in the morning. Preferably after breakfast (or some meal) because it make absorption work much better.

So it's not really bad... Oh yeah, bone density, gotta watch that... You're bones are automatically going to get a bit less dense because you are female now, over time it will go worse if left un-checked. This is why it is so important to start taking supplements now...

But it's all good...

As to Chinese, I have yet to find a good place here, but thankfully my brother has been living here for a goodly number of years and knows all the good spots. I trust his recommendations in food, because we are both picky about it. Worse come to worse, I know a good Chinese place that is the ONLY Chinese food he'd eat in the last years of his life.

Mine. I can, and often do, make my own Chinese, including but not limited to real fried rice... When we met, Earl didn't eat veggies of any kind unless forced to, and was VERY selective about Chinese food. Until I made him mine, we'd have to drive down to New York from NH so he could have good Chinese food. One night I just surprised him when he came home... I let him think I'd just driven all day to get it from his favorite place until we finished. Then I sprang it on him...

Yeah, good food of any kind, very important!

As to workin on the ride, hey, I know plenty of women who won't let someone touch their ride. Me, I'll still do a lot of my own work because I'll get it done cheaper, faster, and at least as good quality wise as taking it to a shop.

Give yourself time and space, these are skills, things of your past you may want to keep. Especially since the last thing most people, well most guys expect is for us to know anything about cars...

I knew I'd finally really hit the point when my past was really no long written all over me when I went autoparts shopping and got talked down to by the guy at the store.