Jun 5, 2008

H.R meeting

Well my H.R meeting went well I guess. It was more about formalities than anything. The paperwork they need, assurance they are supporting me. They asked me to make sure I report ANY instance of harassment no matter on the level. It really sounds like they are committed to a diverse work force. So I'm expected to bring in my court papers on the 17th and that will generate all the changes and it will be official here.

On a side note the response from the guitar board has been astounding to say the least. Everyone that is supportive posts and I think the people who might have an issue just keep to themselves... no biggie, I'm not looking to make others uncomfortable, I'm only looking to live me life ..

Well that is about it for now, I'm hearing heat wave this weekend .. could be interesting ..


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it is SO awesome that your workplace is being cool. it shouldn't ever be hard to just be yourself! so kudos to your company. i am very happy for you! :o)

and the JCF... good people.