Jul 23, 2008

Happy Hump day

Happy hump day everyone!! The weather has been a bit odd this past week as it has gotten really humid and we have had a lot of spot thundershowers. It hasn't made good biking weather so I've been grounded to 4 wheels until it gets better. I have to say that the lighting at times has been amazing!

If you notice to the left I've added a new blog roll for the wives of my Trans Sisters. I've have always been lucky in having unconditional love from Dee and yet at the same time I have everyone around me pointing out just how lucky I really am. While I believe I am lucky in one sense I also believe I am on equal ground with my sweetheart as well. Telling me how lucky I am only makes me feel like I have nothing to bring to the table in this relationship and it is all one sided. Heck Dee tells me all the time that life with me is never boring … Wonder if that really is a compliment??

The point is, I want people to see that there are other relationships that weather the storm and sometimes love actually does go deeper than what are inside someone shorts. Not long ago as I read a news story about a trans issue that I happened upon the comment section. In one of the comments there were 2 posters who were jabbing back and forth and the answer given astounded me that someone could be so shallow in a relationship.

The question was:

"You mean to tell me if your husband was in a bad accident and lost his penis that you would leave him?"

The answer was so pathetic that it bothers me to this day…

"Yes, I'd leave him"

While the person was trying to prove a point that love should be more than just a physical connection that you wouldn't walk out in a different circumstance with the same results. How sad a marriage that must be.

Hopefully the blogs that are listed over time will show both the positive parts of these relationships and also the struggles. If they help just one new couple survive then it is worth the effort.

This past weekend was my Granddaughter Gianna's 1st birthday party. I cannot believe it has been 1 full year already. These past few years have seemingly dragged for me and yet at the same time sped by. I say dragged because I always feel like I should be further along in transition and yet I know that I've covered so much ground already, especially when I sit and reflect on it.

One of the next things I need to start soon is conventional electrolysis to get rid of the gray that was left over from the laser. I'd been waiting to see how much of the dark hair might return and give my skin a decent amount of time to heal from the last laser shots. I'm happy to report that so far only a few single pieces of dark have re-emerged. I'm not looking forward to this next phase and I've been avoiding it for some time.

Other than that I can't say there is too much new at the moment ..


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