Jul 10, 2008


One of the goals of HRT is to transform our bodies to more align with the gender our brains tell us it is. It is dependent up age and our own bodies’ reaction to the chemical change. For most of us over 40 the changes lessen than someone who is much younger, at that point testosterone has done a vast amount of damage already.

One of the changes I wanted to talk about today was the change in skin. Over the last 2 years I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin, hair and nails. One of my most favorite is the much softer feel and texture of my skin. In this change as the skin softens it thins out and gets a layer of fat deposit underneath giving it an almost healthy glow. What I am finding with the thinning of the skin is something that perplexed me for years about my wife “Bruising!”

At various times over the years I would notice a bruise on my wife’s leg or arm and would always ask “Hey, where did ya get the bruise?” and the standard answer was always “I have no idea!”

Now this answer would always throw me for a loop because in my experience over the years if I got bruised, there was certainly a blow that I’d felt to cause it; they didn’t just APPEAR!

This past weekend after getting home I went upstairs to put on a pair of shorts and a light top to just kind of be lazy in as we got quiet for the evening. When I sat down in the chair and crossed my legs I got the glimpse of a deep purple bruise and as you may have guessed my wife asked; “Where’d ya get the bruise?”

Well you can imagine my dismay to have to give the answer “I have no idea!” and suddenly my minds shot back through all those time I would wonder how Dee could possibly injure herself and not know.

Now I understand completely the difference in male and female skin thickness!

Oh and I swear I heard the phrase “a little egg on your face” muttered from her lips somewhere in there as well!



Samantha said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of things no-one ever mentioned about HRT... Then again, it's not a huge problem, unless of course you're a hemophiliac, which of course then means a bruise can be life threatening.

Thankfully we don't have that little problem to worry about...

Yeah, bruising, and bruises from out of thin air...

You still look like Lindsay Lohan in the new picture... Why do I mention that again? Well my eye's are greener than usual, how about that!

~K~ said...

You have green eyes? I had no idea?

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan? I am totally blown away and thank you ..

Hopefully the bruise goes away soon ..looks nasty!

Samantha said...

Yup, green eyes... Hench my domain name... Greeneyedggirl.com... :-o)

Yes, seriously, Lindsay Lohan. Just the very first thought that popped into my head when I saw the new picture. Even when I looked again, still look like her in that picture. Rock on! No need to thank me, just calling it as I see it so to speak... But you're welcome.

That's the nice thing about bruises, they DO go away! Healing is a wonderful thing. I bruise much easier than before... No, I should be more accurate, I bruise now, never did before no matter what happened to me. But I still heal as fast as I used to, so I can't really complain.

The one time in my youth when someone actually landed a punch, I shrugged and laughed. "What did your hand do to you to make you bruise it with my face?" was all I said. You could have heard the crack a block away. Kid felt so totally cheated because I should have had a shiner for weeks... Nothing.

His hand? Well it looked like he'd argued with a brick wall and lost. Served him right.