Apr 21, 2008

Strength of a girl

Well I’ve never considered myself to be anything less than an intelligent person. It’s funny how I can still find stupidity. As I’ve mentioned on several other occasions on this blog, one of the effects of HRT on the body is a loss of muscle mass. In the loss of muscle mass you also lose strength. Yes even I am now as strong as a girl. No big deal, it is welcomed and while some might consider it a downside I view it as just being part of the experience. The problem always seems to arise when I try to do things that were much easier for me before with the testosterone. For whatever reason my brain forgets that I need to alter or be more aware of the difference. Diane finds it a bit amusing when I try to open a jar and I cant now, she just giggles at me.

Sunday was a nice day we had our granddaughter for the weekend, we ended up at my sister in laws home for my mother in laws birthday. I ‘m not exactly sure how I got hooked in but the kids wanted to get a baseball game going and well, baseball was the only sport I ever enjoyed. To this day I a am a rabid redsox fan and will get into an occasional wiffle ball or soft tennis balls game.

The game was a lot of fun and being one of the younger adults I played out deep in the outfield so that I could shag some of the adult hits, this way the kids could have fun around the bases. Playing that deep as I would get a ball I would toss it back in at full arm strength as I used to do. Apparently when you don’t have the same strength and you push it the way you previously would your body gets mad at you and has a revolt. Seems like I’ve strained either the muscle in my biceps or either the ligament or tendon. Needless to say I’m in some serious pain today and I really need to teach myself to have a bit of restraint now and try not to overdue things. Well at least I robbed someone of a homerun and blasted one of my own so it wasn’t a total lost cause ..LOL ..

On a side note I’m hoping to take some time and file my name change paperwork this week. This will be another big milestone in my journey. I know people think I’m crazy for being nervous about this. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time but it is a necessary part of my journey. I’m totally looking forward to getting rid of all the labels and just being Karyn for sure …

I’m not sure what else is new at the moment but I’m sure that something will pop into my head after this has been posted.

Happy Monday!


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