Apr 5, 2008

WW2 Heros

This turned out to be the type of morning that you just have to blog about, it was such weird interaction

Every other week on Diane's off week from working at curves we have a bit of a tradition of going to Panera Bread for Bagels and coffee for breakfast. Generally we go 1 town over to Nashua NH because it's not very crowded. We try to grab a table in the window area, talk and just kind of people watch.

Every 6 weeks for the last few years either Dee or I have had laser hair removal appointments so this redirects us to a different Panera in Manchester NH. This particular Panera tends to be in a much busier business district where quite a few senior citizens meet to enjoy companionship with their friends. It tends to be a bit of a community within this particular Panera.

This am after we ordered our food I grabbed a table in the window area off to the side and just on the outer edges of the seniors enjoying their time together. Seated next to us by himself was an elderly gentleman in his 80s named Ed. As I sat there putting cream cheese on my bagel a young lady approached Ed to say hello and you could see his face just light up and like some older men Ed went into old man "flirt" mode.

As he started his little show the young woman motioned to her right and exclaimed to Ed that he needed to be careful because her husband was right here. Ed gushing told the husband how nice his wife was, made some small talk and told him not to worry, he wouldn't try and steal her from him. It was one of those cute moments that just make you smile because you see a few moments of joy in an elderly mans eyes.

As Diane approached the table and sat down she noticed a smile beaming from my face and asked why. I just quietly told her I would explain later and went back to my bagel. I found it so cute that something as simple as a few minutes of some pretty girls time made this gentlemans day a little brighter.

As a young couple entered Panera in tow with them was a cute little girl of about 4 years of age in pigtails. This caught Ed's eye and he turned and watched the girl for a moment, this was when Ed noticed the pretty little blonde sitting next to him. This was just the opening that Ed needed to strike up another conversation with a pretty young lady and started talking and complimenting Dee. Diane's always been a friendly person so talking to her isn't an issue but she always seems to enjoy taking time to make a senior citizens day a little brighter by acknowledging them and maybe just give them a few words or a bit of attention and old Ed was just soaking that in.

Ed hadn't caught site of me as the position of my chair was just slightly behind him and quite possibly just out of his periphrial view. Over the last year I've also gotten used to the fact that guys will now flirt with Diane while I'm present because it just has the appearance of two women instead of a husband and wife.

I'm not sure it if was movement that caught Ed or he was just waiting for his opening but all of a sudden it occured to him that there was someone with this pretty little blonde and he turned to take a look at me. As I sat there with my hair tied back, Sam Adams baseball hat and a bagel in hand I would just about fall off the chair with his next words.

Ed looked at me and suddenly I became part of his flirty little show. Ed purked up and said, oh my and look at the pretty big brown eyes on this young lady. I almost choked on my bagel. I'm not used to being flirted with by any man and this was a new experience. Ed suddenly had a gold mine, 2 young ladies to have his attention.

At various times he would interact with other old men and they would all make comments about the 2 young ladies that he caught in his view. It was extremely cute in such an innocent way. As one gentelman came over and got caught in part of the conversation, Ed told us that He would just love to take us home but the two of us would probably wear him out. One of his friends made the remark at that Ed is very choosy about his women .. they have to be under 80 ... LOL ..

At one point Ed being the proud man he was slid a newspaper over to us with his face on the front page. It was an article telling of his heroism in WW2. The arcticle went on to explain the Ed had been a gunner in a b52 and he was a crew mate of the late actor "Jimmy Stewart" Ed was in one of the most dangerous jobs of the airforce as back then a tail gunner sat in a glass bubble at the bottom of the rear end of the aircraft, essentially being the first target that enemy aircraft would attempt to take out. He flew over 150 missions with Jimmy Stewart' a feat within itself in that plane.

When it was time to go I thanked Ed for being a war hero, because it was people like him who kept this country free for people like me. Ed smiled and asked us to come back and spend sometime with them on another Sat .. we may just do that.

I have to admit, never being interested in men it is a little unerving to think that any man would want to give me attention as a female. I've been assured by friends and others that it is something I need to get used too because it will happen. But even at my discomfort in the situation I am happy to have made a few minutes of some seniors time because as far as I'm concerned, it is a small price to pay for a war hero ....

Bless you Ed, you deserve the respect you've earned



pam said...

I see how it is. i tell you that you are beautiful but i take an 80 year old man to make your day. i would be happy too if someone tried to pick me up LOL. Always keep that story in your heart. That is one to pass on. Love Pam

maynardja said...

That is cute!! I agree with Pam, you will take verification from a 80 somthing year old man but when any of us tells you that your gorgous we get... ohh shut up I am not! "blush" LOL. I love you! I guess youll have to start warming up to mums friend Lucky at Sams :P LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karyn.. thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow.. like I was just in Nashua only two weeks ago, had a great dinner in Manchester at Cotton.. small world. Waved to home from the Lowell Connector lol.. looking forward to delving into your blog!

hugs ~ keri