Jun 12, 2007

Another interesting day!

Yesterday was another one of those comical days that you just have to laugh at. To set up the scenario you have to know that Dee has been having issues with her fingers that we believe is a disease called Raynauds Syndrome. Raynauds can be a primary disorder or a secondary disorder. This simply means that an underlying disease could bring it on.

Generally what happens when the body gets cold in an effort to conserve heat to the major organs it starts constricting the capillaries in the extremities. If you were to see this happening it is actually quiet a bizarre sight as the blood is slowly pushed out of Diane’s fingers they turn a very pale shade of white from the lack of blood. Eventually they can go blue and as they return to normal red and they sting. Being out in the cold or something as simple as going in a cold grocery store can bring on these episodes.

Yesterday Dee had been referred to a Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist to get down to what might be causing it and whether it is primary or secondary. In the early phases of the appointment the Dr began asking her a long list of health questions which included which medications she had been taking. Diane in an effort to be thorough had made an attempt to list her meds in the notebook feature of her cell phone. Not a bad idea had she actually been wearing her glasses when she put them in there, then she would have seen the letters she was inputting.

The Doctor was a bit confused over which med was which as she is taking 3 separate Meds. 2 for other minor issues and a temporary one given by our primary Dr for the Raynauds .In an effort to make headway I started to interject what I knew of each med and even some of Diane’s medical history

Another question that was asked was if she had ever been pregnant to which the response was "I have a 22 year old daughter" which took the Dr by surprise as Diane has such a young looking face. As questions popped in and out Diane would answer and look to me if she couldn’t remember something and at one point the Dr finally stopped and asked me. "Excuse me, who are you?" "I’m her husband I replied" to which the Dr had a confused look on her face. "The 22 year old is mine she mentioned" I stated. Again a puzzled look as she tried to reason why we were raising a 22yr old together.

I guess you might as well slam my head into a brick wall because I’m so dense at times it never seems to hit me as to what’s actually happening. I had just come from my job wearing all boy clothes, a work uniform, my usual baseball hat so I never expected it. Knowing the insurance is through me and in my male name I simply make the assumption I will be read male especially when I think I am presenting in such a manner and at least 3 times give answers that should point to me being a boy … no go ..

It wasn’t until the Dr in a joking manner to my wife told Dee that "I’m going to have to give all the info to her" pointing at me that it totally hit me what was actually happening. She was confused because Dee husband is a GIRL!!! Duh!!

I have to admit I am never upset that it happens, in fact it makes my day and I could dance in circles because I’m finally getting what I should have had my entire life. My concern only comes in the way of information and my rights concerning my wife. My simple fear is that if something happened that I would be pushed out because they wouldn’t believe I was her husband. I guess I really need to start carrying that letter around……

I have another blog I will be posting but I am trying to figure out how to approach it as it gets a bit in depth with a personal subject…hopefully later today…

For now Enjoy your day .. I’m soaking mine in..


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