Jun 28, 2007

CNN story

Whenever I see a story regarding a transgendered child it always peaks my interest as any TG story would. The thing that I find amazing is how far we have become as a society where parents can not only accept their children for who they are but actually do what they feel is necassary for the well being of the child.

When I was a child it was not only a much different time, but my mom was a much less tolerant person than the parents of today. I often wish things had been different back then so i didn't have to live in hell for so many years of my life but that wasn't to be. Any sign of weakness around her surely meant a correction or a beating of some sort so I learned quickly to act like something I wasn't

I treid through the years to play the tough macho role and I guess I assumed that I was pretty good at it. The fact is that looking back I really failed miserably, I just couldn't see that until now.

I'm certainly thankful for the things that I have and the people who care about me. The fact is that until I started to deal with my issues I couldn't see that and I certainly couldn't appeciate it. In a conversation with my wife tonight I told her it sucked that I have to go through such an extreme just to feel right. It just doesn't seem fair or right, but the bottom line is I need to play the cards I've been dealt with in the best manner to make my life about quality.

The following story gives me inspiration that society is moving in the right direction and while I'm sure the bible bumper will be up and arms at these parents, I for one applaud them for their love and bravery. The more we see of people like this the more the cycle will be broken and we will learn to be tolerant and simply accept people for who they are and what they need to do ..

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