Jun 25, 2007

Another new week

Let me start of the week by stating that I’m not only sore as hell but terribly stiff. I spent the afternoon on my back deck power washing it. Cleaning my Deck furniture and just enjoying the nice weather. It was enough work to wear me out last night and both Diane and I feel asleep on the couch until one of us awoke at 11:45.

This am when I rose from my sleep and tried to hit the floor running I realized how old I am getting. Every bone in my body is stiff and every muscle aches. I guess that’s not a bad thing, It just makes me realize I am still alive.

Friday started off the weekend with dinner and a movie as planned. In the next town over the is a little Italian restaurant that is in an old farmhouse. We have driven by this place for years and every time remarked at how we should try there sometime. It would seem that we never EVER remember to do that when we are looking at going out.

Ever since my daughter moved out a few years ago the one pastime I do really enjoy is trying new restaurants. Lets face it, as much as I love cooking it is a pain sometimes to cook big meals for 2 people. Friday Diane remembered Luccianos so we figured that we would give it a whirl. I’m sorry to say I wish I had done it yrs ago when we first saw it because we have really been missing out on a good restaurant.

Diane got a nice personal pizza with alfredo and chicken on it in place of the traditional red tomato sauce that generally is associated with pizza. I got one of my all time favorites chicken cacciatore and I was more than happy with what I had gotten. They gave so much food in fact that even I had to take ½ of my meal home.

Generally when we go out to eat I tend to look for cues of how I’m being read by the people I have contact with. It was pretty uneventful until Diane paid the bill using our debit card. Upon returning the waitress was unsure of who to hand it too because she didn’t know whose card it was. It’s a very subtle way to make my evening as the card clearly reads Diane’s name on it. Score one for another female reading!

After the restaurant we decided to see the new movie "Evan the almighty". It wasn’t a bad movie and it wasn’t a great one. Albeit Diane and I do have very different tastes at times on what we consider funny. Diane’s sense of humor tends to swing towards the drier British side …
Saturday we got up early and headed off to Panera for bagels and coffee. We always enjoy a Sat morning there as we sit in window area and watch life muddle along as we enjoy a light meal. From the we headed over to my laser electrolysis girl for Diane’s underarms. We got a nice surprise when we found out they adjusted her rate because of a sale so now its $30 cheaper ..can’t beat cheaper

Off to Off Broadway for Diane to get some sandals. She ended up with the same pair as me! Some sketchers. I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or not … LOL

We did a lot of minor running around Saturday and then ended up at a local bbq chain for dinner. Again in seeing how I was being read it seemed like nothing was going either way until the check came. She was a bit confused over whom to hand it too. Another victory for ~K~

It was a nice weekend and now I’m hopefully coasting into an easy 4 day week and then vacation until july 9th … I can use the time off ..

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