Jun 5, 2007

Interesting weekends

I had several interesting days this weekend and I wanted to share one story in particular because in the grand scheme of transition it is actually really funny. As I’ve posted before I’m not completely out yet but I am well on my way, there are still a few people needing to be let into the loop as well as my head needs to be on straight and prepared.

One of the things that seems to throw me is how I’m being viewed in everyday life. The reason this plays with my head is that not knowing how I’m being viewed really restricts how and what I am able to say at any given time until I know for sure … that Sir may be a sting but at least I know which ground I’m playing on .


My wife not only attends a local Curves for women but she works there part time to offsett the costs of her membership, a form of bartering if you will. At this particular Curves she is known to be married and no one knows of my plight yet.

Saturday morning I got up early and went for an oil change on my car. I like to be there for when they open so I have a relatively short wait …most people aren’t thinking of oil change at 6:30 am on a Saturday now are they.. It works out well because Diane works at Curves every other Sat and I can take advantage of that free time to get it done as she is usually there from 7-10 am.

After getting my oil change I hit our local butcher and headed home to figure out what the next thing I wanted to do with my morning would be, After taking care of the dogs I got the idea to take my Harley out, gas it up and maybe stop by and see Dee as she had less than an hour to go.

When I got there there were two people finishing their workouts before she could leave and one was actually just walking out the door. Because they need to be monitored Diane asked me to come inside and talk to her. As the woman that was working out was finishing a conversation about different things ensued and she was talking about camping and how her and her hubby Pat had just bought a new trailer.

During our conversation I gleefully referred to my wife and I as we, us etc and finally this woman stopped me. She didn’t want to be rude or nosey but she asked ..oh are you two a couple. My response was as Dee’s husband ..Yes, we actually have a 22 yr old daughter together.

Without missing a beat she responded with ..oh that’s awesome, I wasn’t totally sure if you were together. When I refer to my hubby Pat it is really Patricia but I’m not out at work yet ..and suddenly she seemed so much more relaxed around us.

I have to admit I was floored as usual after all, they only know me as Kev there and I’d never expected to be taken as a lesbian couple within the confines of Curves. My how things have changed. I’m not only flattered but we have another great story and laugh from a new experience…


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