Apr 16, 2007

Nice weekends

What a crazy night and even a crazy morning with all the rain we are getting. Very early this morning while lying in bed waiting for my usual 5 am start I was listening to the rain coming down outside. At times it can be one of the most peaceful sounds as the tiny drop rustle the leaves. In the summer when the windows are open I can lay in bed and listen intently as the sound reminds me of my younger days camping in the White Mountains.

When we would camp there were times that that we simply hadn’t paid close enough attention to the weather report and ended up sitting through some rain storms. The sound of the drops on the tent and the rustling of the forest leaves stick with me to this day. Listening to the rain fall in my back yard is very similar to that as we are surrounded by trees, I often forget how country we really live until I have to drive into places like Boston or Concord.

This morning that sound really seemed to be lost with the intensity of the rain. Instead of that calming bristling sound that I’m accustomed to it had a much more violent tone to it. If you have ever heard the crack of a large tree branch breaking from its spot on a tree you can probably get an idea of this tone. It was one total non-stop branch break. The amazing part to me is that all the windows are still closed so the sound gets dampened a bit because of the barrier.

Friday after work Diane and I decided to hit the Outback for a couple of steaks. That is something that has become a rare treat for us as we try to avoid a lot of red meat. After that we hit the mall across the street to walk it off. We stopped in bath and body so Diane could get some body wash. They have some new scents and one of them is Iced Tea, which smells awesome. Every time she wears it I long for a long island iced tea!!!

This weekend was a nice quiet weekend, one I’ve come to really enjoy when they happen. No commitments, no where to be, no plans to follow, just a wing it and see where we go weekend. My only plans were for Saturday Morning at 9am to have what I hope to be is the last laser treatment on my face. 99% of the dark hair is gone and there are only 3 stray patches left so I felt the need to get at least one more in before I start focusing on the gray areas that the laser would not take care of.

Now that I have gotten to this point I’ve spaced my appointment out a lot further. Generally I would go every 4-6 weeks, this time I made an appointment for 10 weeks out just in case I need it. Because I’ve gotten to this point it is now going to be Diane’s turn getting Zapped as she is hoping to lose having to shave her underarms now, then if she likes that her bikini area.

After we got out of the laser appointment we decided to have a nice quiet morning and go shopping for some wants and needs. Diane was feeling a bit hungry so we hit Panera Bread for some bagels and coffee. As we were sitting there I was reminiscing with Diane of old days when I was far from being a morning person. I would have preferred to just be left alone and not bother with people until the glaze from my eye were gone. Boy times change.

I absolutely have become a morning person now and to some degree I even enjoy just having my own quiet time to start my day. The old me could not have even been bothered with breakfast and now I actually look forward to it. I’m sure some of it is age and some of it is just that I’m happier now and it gives me a reason to want to be up early.

After Panera we walked over to Off Broadway Show which is Diane’s favorite shoe store. It is actually quite cute because Diane was never a girly girl and she certainly wasn’t a shopper. She was always a very tomboyish girl and she simply never understood girly girls and their likes. Over the last few years she has certainly developed an enjoyment for show and jewelry shopping which is time I enjoy spending with her. In some regard my transition is having an affect on her because she seems to be coming around and enjoying this that she never used too. Sadly (Or not) we didn’t spend any money at that store.

From there we headed over to Harley Davidson to look at motorcycles and look at clothes there. They always have nice Jackets, T-Shirts and even jewelry. From there we scooted over to the mall and walked around. That night neither of us felt like cooking which can sometimes be a pain when it Is only two people. We decided to hit Bertucci’s for a pizza and Diane wanted a glass of wine. We had a nice relaxing time,

Sunday we got up for a usual trek to the local diner we go to almost every Sunday, hit the grocery store and Sam’s Club. Afterward we went to Old Navy as I had a $100 gift card I wanted to use. When I changed Internet providers I got a $100 American Express gift card. I needed to get a new Denim Jacket and some new tops. Diane got a light Jacket and some tops as well. When it was all said and done the bill came to $100.51 couldn’t have done any better to wipe the card out.

Anyway life this weekend was good, I really need to start focusing on some me time which I’ve been neglecting recently and I am feeling the effects emotionally. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of doing things and not nurturing the path I am on. While it isn’t a conscious thing it does have its emotional impact.I guess I just take my daily routine for granted and I don’t always get to incorporate the newer aspects of my changes. Hopefully I can get more comfortable and work on this more as it is an integral part of who I am.

That’s enough for now .. How was your weekend?

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