Apr 12, 2007

Welcome to thursday

I haven’t had much to say over the last few days. I’m still stinging from the treatment we received from my daughter over Easter. Apparently as usual Diane and I are at fault and I guess that will simply never change. On a side note I’ve found out that there was an ulterior motive behind her boyfriends sudden need for an appearance.

I won’t say it here because I’m not sure of how much is known at this time but I can say it was because my daughter had something tangible to gain by getting him back in with the family. The sad part is that as this was going on the family was being included on something and Diane and I were being pushed out again as usual. I’ve come to realize I can never do right by Jessica and I’m ready to give up on her for my own sense of preservation.

It sounds so selfish and cruel to have to say that, but I can’t continue to live with her abusing me emotionally

Moving on, Steve Stanton is due to make an appearance on Larry King Live tonight. Larry while a bit ignorant has at times given trangendered people a platform, which is a good thing. I say ignorant because he doesn’t educate himself before opening his mouth and at times can ask some pretty dumb questions.

There was a few articles posted in Largo this am regarding the firing of Ms Stanton. The disturbing part of this is that they are trying to avoid media blitz now by stating that she had a poor track record and that was the reason for the dismissal. I don’t understand how someone can do such a poor job yet get good appraisal reviews… Lets face it, it was about discrimination which is specifically prohibited within their own rules for employees.

The guess is that Ms Stanton will announce a lawsuit against the city of Largo tonight. I think as a country we have become lawsuit happy but in a case such as this it can benefit a greater cause.

Hopefully this will set precedent that discrimination against anyone is simply wrong.


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