Apr 23, 2007

Weekend delights

Well it is Monday and it is back to another workweek. God I could use a nice vacation but as it stands now, if gas prices climb to where they are guessing ($4 a gallon) then not many of us will be able to afford travel this year. Could some one explain just why gas is projected to be at $4 a gallon?

My guess is pure greed, no more, no less. When gas hit $3 a gallon last year and we were all in shock at the pumps the reason they gave for the sharp rise in prices was Katrina. It was stated that supply had dropped because of the damage done by Katrina. So what natural disaster is hampering supply levels now?

Add to that the fact that the world wants us to pay a "Global Warming Tax" on our fuel and I can’t see anything good coming from this other than the collapse of the middle class worker in America…

So anyway back to the weekend.

Friday turned out to be such a beautiful day I decided to start my weekend a bit early and I blew out of work at 1:30. The weather seems to have finally turned (at least temporarily) and Friday hit the upper 60’s to lower 70’s. It was so nice that Diane had the top off the car to enjoy the weather.

Saturday had Diane working at curves from 7-10 am and then getting her nails done on the way home so it was quiet around the house. Both days this weekend I was out of bed before 6am, god it’s tough getting older. The nice part about it is that I actually enjoy getting up early now so it wasn’t a bad thing.

After Diane got home we showered and headed out to get some errands done before heading to my inlaws in the after noon. Wasn’t bad having the top down on the PT Cruiser and driving around in the sun.

Saturday night we met up with Diane’s family and drove to Portsmouth NH to a place called Muddy River Smokehouse. My father in law loves a good rack of ribs so we figured we would give it a shot. When we got ready to leave there were 11 of us so we ended up taking 3 cars. Diane’s sister’s family in theirs, My father in law drove with my brother in law and nephew and my mother in-law with Diane and I

I was nice not being stuck with the guys and relaxing on the 1 hour ride there. I did suggest to Diane I’ve been feeling like her Dad isn’t comfortable around me anymore and she said she felt he was the same with her. I hope that isn’t the case, as I’m not looking to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.

All in all we had a good time though ..
Sunday morning Diane and I got up early to meet up with my cousin Betty for our monthly breakfast. I ended up being not so good and getting Eggs benedict for a change. We had a nice time and Betty had made it a point to not bring her husband this time so we could talk more openly about what was going on with me ..

After that we went home took the dogs for a long walk and just hung out all day and enjoyed having the house open as it was close to 80. Hopefully we’ll have a lot more weekends of leisure …

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