May 30, 2007

Ever need a vacation from your Vacation?

Well I have to say Bar Harbor was a nice retreat, the weather was great and it was a relaxing time for the most part. The only down side is that I’ve come home a bit road torn and need to mend for a few days, but I’ll get to that later.

We left our house Friday morning @ 9am and set out for Bar Harbor which is about 4 ½ hours by car from where we live. Normally I would do all the driving but over the last year I’ve learned to give up control of the steering wheel and let Diane take control. It’s amazing how much of the country side I’ve missed over the years being the driver!

The ride up was pretty uneventful other than the fact that we drove with the top down almost the entire way, sometimes I think it’s the 2nd best thing to the motorcycle. We arrived at our hotel just before 3 pm and I have to admit that GPS kicks major butt as it got us right to the front door.

The hotel was nice and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there in the future. The Bayview is a small hotel that sits right on the shore of Frenchman’s Bay and every room is facing the water. Our room was on the third floor and had a beautiful view of the bay. They offer free shuttle service into and out of town which we used several times and walked once as well as it’s about 1 mile from hotel to town.

We packed away our clothes and headed into town to decide how we wanted to spend our weekend. Bar Harbor is a nice little town and easily walked. They have tons of restaurants and little shops along the streets. The waterfront in town isn’t terribly big but it has a fantastic view of Harbor and surrounding islands. As we went down to the docks the first thing we noticed was a cruise ship docked out in the harbor. I didn’t have my camera but I was able to shoot a picture with my phone.

The ship in the picture is called the Masdaam and does several stops in Bar Harbor over the course of a week as it goes out of Montreal and Boston.

We then headed over to a restaurant called "Geddy’s" for Dinner as we were both getting pretty hungry. Diane ordered Chicken Alfredo and I ordered Scallops Scampi which we both enjoyed thoroughly. After we were finished we walked around town a bit and decided to walk back to the hotel to get rid of dinner.

Sat Morning we got up early had our breakfast at the hotel, showered and headed off to town to decide what to do. When we got into town we decided to take a ride on the Margaret Todd a Sailing Schooner that does 2 hour tours. As we headed out into the Bay they asked for volunteers to hoist the sails of the ship and Diane readily came forward. Sometimes I am amazed at how adventurous she can be. During the trip we had a park ranger pointing out things and explaining a lot about the lobster fishing in the bay.

As we sailed by one particular Island a pair of nesting bald eagles were pointed out which was an awesome sight. All in all it was a relaxing trip.

After we got back to shore we decided to take a walk along the shore path and then back into town. By the time we got back it was early afternoon, we decided to go back to Geddy’s and have a quick lunch then head back to the hotel and rest for a bit.

Once back I laid across the bed and started to doze off when Diane surprised me by stating there was a man looking into our room from next door. I really didn’t pay any mind until she said he was climbing over the wall and he knocked on our door … ON THE THIRD FLOOR!
Apparently he and his wife had checked into their room, gone out on the back deck and the door locked behind them leaving them stuck on the deck. Unfortunately for them they had used the inside bolt on the door and they needed a locksmith to let them back in. Once through my room it was lights out for me for an hour or so.

After we awoke we decided to head down to the lounge and get a drink at the lounge and we bumped into the same couple. They were in the process of getting comped drinks for their trouble and git us some comped drinks for helping them.. Gotta love free. (BTW Todd I drank several blueberry ales)

Sat night we decided to walk across the St to a steakhouse that was supposed to be pretty good. Lately I had been down as I simply didn’t seem to be passing much so I had been pretty subdued. As we went into the steakhouse we were brought into the bar area where there is a bar and tables.

As we were reading our menus I noticed directly across from me a man that appeared to be 50 or so with the nastiest look scowl on his face as he sat and stared at me. It is probably the first time in my life I have ever felt uncomfortable in a situation like that. Thank god after about 15 minutes he finished his coffee and left.

The waitress came over to get our drink orders and for the first time in a week or so called me "she" suddenly my mood lifted a bit and we proceeded to order our meals. Instead of bread they served warm pretzels which was a nice touch and Diane got to enjoy a nice glass of wine. All in all it was a great place.

Sunday with the weather being so nice we decided to do a whale watch. We had a great time and saw a lot of wildlife but I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for how cold it would get offshore… we FROZE! When we got back we headed into a seafood place so I could get some fried clams and thankfully some really good lobster bisque to warm up.

Now, for my road worn body. Saturday night my left foot gave out and for whatever reason it has been very painful to step or out pressure on. I wouldn’t let it stop me I just hobbled everywhere I went. Sunday after eating and getting back to the hotel I started to develop a rash with hives on my arms and my chin area. Assuming this might be from the sunscreen I was using I opted not to use any one the ride home Monday figuring it would get worse and it was cloudy when we left anyway. Once the sun came out I guess I don’t need to say I have a bad burn on my shoulders now. ..So as you can imagine I’ve been miserable for a few days. After thinking things over the only conclusion I can come to is that I’ve had some kind of a reaction to the shellfish I ate Sunday which I certainly hope isn’t the case because I do like certain shellfish and I don’t get to eat them too often…..

We arrived back home around 2:30 Monday and I’ve been wiped ever since. I do however have pictures I may share soon … No… none of me ;o)


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