May 4, 2007

Awesome days off!

Well today turned out to be an awesome day, heck any day that isn't a work day can't be all bad. Dee and I Decided to drive to the Yankee Candle flagship store in S Deerfield Ma. The sun was shining all day today and the 2 hour 110 mile ride was gorgeous. When Dee and I used to go on rides it was always me in the drivers seat. It was one of those male driven things that i just assumed was my responsibility all the time. Going through transition and giving up a bit of that control is a very freeing thing. Now I get time to smell the proverbial roses for a change while someone else takes the responsibility.

Being that is was supposed to be such a nice day we decided to take Diane's car as it is a convertible, thatway if it got warm enough we could enjoy the sunshine!!

When we left the house it suddenly dawned on me I had a GPS enabled phone now so I loaded the software to see how well it worked. Boy GPS is awesome, it got us right to the front door of Yankee Candle! We spent about 2 hours walking around as there are all different facets to the store , it isn't just candles.

Talk about the mother of all candles, this one was taller than I was!!

On the way home we had wanted to stop at a waterfall/dam we had seen on the way down. What a beautiful site it was, i just had to take a picture of it.

For a long time I used to say I wanted to sell our home and move to another part of the country simply to find peace from being around our family, a new start if you will. What this really represented was my own feeling of being trapped because I couldn't be who I felt I was, only what others expected me to be. I no longer feel this way, in fact I've learned to cherish the people around me a lot more now as they have given me the acceptance I'd never expected I would recieve.

When we take times like today to smell the roses and see the scenes of where we live it makes me realize how much I really love the New England countryside. It is something I simply couldn't give up...

Now a couple of side notes...

the 20/20 show last friday. If you were lucky enough to catch 20/20 last friday you would have seen an entire show relating to G.I.D and children who have it. It was a truley inspiring show as the parent's not only accepted their children for who they were but they were willing to go against societies grain to allow their children the tools to live as themselves free of prejudice within the family unit.

Friday my wife received a phone call from her mom letting her know they actually watched the show. I'm actually quite touched they had done this as 20/20 is generally on way past their bedtimes. Her mom let her know that she learned quite a bit from the show and now has a bit better understanding of Gender Identity Disorder.

I guess in some small way it is sad that it takes a TV show to lend credibility to something but I am happy that a blessing was found in such a hidden place. If this was something that helped me with my plight then I certainly believe others must have gotten some benefit from it. YAY!!!!

Lastly there was a shocking story from the LA times this week of a sportswriter names Mike Penner who came out as a transsexual and is intending to transition. Her new name is Christine Daniels and she actually decided to write about her change publicly, I must say it was a very touching article.,0,5270528.story

Understanding the impact the newspaper in an attempt to support their writer has published an online blog for Christine.

Today there was a post from that originated from a reader that happened to be a disapproving bible bumper. Christine's response was not only a good one it was very inspirational to say the least. It's easy to see Christine is very secure in her spirituality, but whats even more of a blessing is something her pastor told her about her transition.

God created you the way you are. He made you a special person. He put you on this journey for a reason. By completing your journey and becoming the person God intended you to be, you are honoring Him.”

What a truly awesome statement. It is so nice to see that at least soem religious people beleive we all deserve a chance in life!

As for Christine, YOU GO GIRL!!


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