May 24, 2007

Thank god for long weekends

Wow, the weather can’t get too much better. They are forecasting low 80’s today and low 90’s tomorrow. Diane and I drive up to Bar Harbor Maine tomorrow for a long weekend getaway, something we have needed for a while. Between all the changes going on in our lives, family stuff and work sometimes you just need time alone to reconnect and de-stress.

Bar Harbor is a 275 miles drive for us and given today’s gas prices I guess it means I’ll be taking a small Mortgage on the house as gas up this way is about $3.04 a gallon. It is getting ridiculous to say the least and anyone who thinks the oil companies aren’t gouging us is totally insane.

I’ll be making sure to bring the camera with me up there so hopefully I can post some pictures next week.

Yesterday was our yearly trek to the machine trade show out in Springfield Ma (Former home of Indian Motorcycles) It’s an almost 2 hour drive west of where we are now. I’ve been going to this for so many years now it is boring to me but we do get to see new technologies and prepare for out next capitol equipment purchases. If anything it’s a day of getting paid for not being at my desk!

On the way home I got a picture txt message from Diane on my phone of a box that was delivered, it was something I’d been expecting. Sully finishes up the paint on my Custom Variax. And it arrived yesterday. I must say he did a kickass job on it and it came out even better than I’d imagined it would. Now being a computer driven guitar I just have to remember how it goes back together and then I’ll post pictures of that as well …At any rate thanks Sull it is really appreciated!!

I’m off to finish my day and get ready for a long weekend! Hope yours goes well too!


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