May 7, 2007

My awesome talented wife

I've never been shy over doting over my wife. I think she is beautiful, fun and talented. She doesn't seem to think she is very talented and I have to constantly push her because my belief is to the contrary.

Diane took a leaded glass class several years ago. She has made some wonderful pieces from leaded glass to stone mosaics in glass and everytime she finishes one I am in Awe. She was done some incredible work and with every piece she gets even better. The problem that has arisen is that we have absolutely NO glass work in our own home!

Why? Because she always does them for gifts, so everyone else gets to reap the rewards of her work except me!

She has been dying to do a jewelry box that she has loved since she first saw it. This weekend she finally got off her butt and actually finished it. I'm so proud of her that I want to share it. This is going to look awesome on display!! Whatya think?

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